Xiaomi Xiaofang Comment You Do Not Miss It

Xiaomi Xiaofang Comment

If you heard the new Xiaomi Xiaofang; This smart WiFi IP Camera, Full HD 1080p video 9m and mobile voice recognition, first and foremost, functions and improved night vision.

In addition, it supports a variety of applications. Optics, CMOS sensor 1 / 2.7-inch, 1920x1080 Full HD resolution 8 times digital zoom and keystone correction algorithm supports.

The most interesting of the two cameras to automatically create a wide-angle monitor 180 °, so that they can be combined magnetic immersion Xiaofang, a magnetic base can be adsorbed on the metal surface. For security reasons, RSA encryption, data encryption and HTTPS encryption approach cloud Xiaomi Mi.

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Technical specifications:

360 ° View
1080p video recording
Digital support 8x digital zoom
Automatic dual IR-Cut filter
Support night vision, max 9 meters

How to use the phone application?


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In a sense, the Xiaofang broke the boundaries of the smart camera. For example, mobile power and phone socket for direct support. The port, the scene outside the network, telephony and data transmission will be soft.

Furthermore, this camera can be a writer. This is not only smart mobile photography to identify, monitor supports the delay, but the smoke alarm sounds / CO detection. suspicious circumstances, will automatically record video, slides and alarms.

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Xiaofang camera supports only added to my house. Such auxiliary equipment, and other smart devices, smart home system a large role in the future of Xiaomi Xiaofang.

Collection as well as the recognition of sound and pictures at home, this is the camera, all the smart home system to provide a reference.

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