12 Top Tips Character Design For Animation Films

Top Tips Character Design For Animation Films

Character design is not as easy as it seems to be in cartoons, movies and cartoons. It is more than readable features clean lines that need a character. We saw the Disneyland plans, Tom & Jerry, Ice Age movies, Jungle Book and many others, and each character has a strong influence to stay in any of the above is in our mind forever alive.

First, create a character is very complicated, but if anyone has the idea of ​​nature in mind, then these tips would be helpful. It should be the most important step for the design of the characters.

The characters for children are lighter in color and has a very simple way. When working on customer projects, then you need to adopt together the technical elements of characters from your customers.


1. Meeting Installation

Where and how the character will be inserted in the history also play an important role in designing the characters playing. Will be this central character to see also boasts a part here. Generally small media, such as the phone does not tangles in need characters that need as large screens.
Moreover, regardless of the medium, the character design always starts with paper, pencils, many sketches, ideas and more. Do proper research and so on through the study of different characters that appear in cartoon channels, cartoons, advertisements.

2. His character has an initial

If your form, your personality, your costume or your color, cartoon characters must be original to stand out in the crowd. It could be an animal or a human or animal being, drawings of characters should be interesting to draw people's attention.

3. Stress line drawing and Style

Lines thick or thin line should be uniform and easily carved to create a personality that affects pretty, easily accessible. People require precision in design and be very careful in the perfection of personality, which is designed in the stories.

4. Expand Functions

If the whole area character, and then to draw the attention of viewers, since it seems to be larger than life. It also helps to identify the audience and the characters remind him forever, and emphasizes the personal qualities of character. It could also - big nose, bulging eyes, hands with two fingers, large head sizes.

5. The colors make a big difference

Choose colors carefully; How colors make a big difference and help create your felt in the crowd. Colors like black, blue, gray designs negative intentions, while the bright colors - white, representing the blue, pink and yellow innocence and purity.

6. Clothing and Accessories

Costumes and accessories talks about the characteristics of the character in the story, but also their social position. Many diamond jewelry are filthy riches and rags and chaotic indication of poor lifestyle. Apart from accessories such as swords, flying tools only for the personality and the role of the character.

If you ran your creation in 2D or 3D platforms, then you need to carefully design the size, weight and shape of the character, because even a small mistake, it will change the shape of the character and make it very different from what imagined.

7. Personality and facial expressions

Personality of the character is to follow a very important rule when you create it. How it reacts to different situations, how changes betrays his expression, the role of the character.
If the character is dull or sports or a genius or a friendly or have a destructive and despicable nature. Eye movement, nose or lips can tell if they are explosive, irritating, jealous, sad, happy, anxious or afraid. You can download the emotion of facial expressions to read depending on temperament.

8. Character positions

Whether you want to watch a movie, read a story or watch a motion that is the goal of the main character is the driving force behind the personality of a character.
To create a dramatic angle to the story, the character will be given to objectives - to solve mysteries, to protect helping people in need, people from evil characters.

9. Create a background

A story to support the character is interesting. It also depends on the mood of the artist will be created as the personality of the character.

10. Use paper and pencil is not a bad idea

It's always good to prepare your character in the first paper. Most interesting characters of yesteryear were obtained when using the design software a distant dream.
If the character is able to bring the properties expressed as programmed. What will improve platform educates the best and the audience the audience love to see it?

11. This environment is becoming more popular

The environment in which to create live and interact is important that the public feel the character. Nourishes the life of the character in the minds of viewers.

12. Breathing life to the characters

Creating should look for a sign from real life. Your facial expressions, the living environment and personality traits in each case, in the real world characters are close to the acceptance of the equipment by governments.

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