4 Best Benefits in 3D Scanning Technology

Benefits in 3D Scanning Technology ~ 3D scanning process has proven very beneficial, as in detection of the exact dimensions and shape of each object. This is a technology that has facilitated this now embrace production processes in all areas and most people looked for scanning when a full detail on an object, the advantages required. It is a process that actually reduces manufacturing cost and provides the highest quality parts at the end. If the 3D tests used in the design of a part, making accurate data may use a natural product, in order to reduce the process of a large percentage of accurate measurements. Scan combined with standardization, so just scale physical objects.

The scans implemented to the object starts physical and creating with it, then a CAD model. The coupling segments are scanned and then incorporated into a given design for the end result is better fitting parts are consistent. This process is known as reverse engineering and modeling and when used, new projects will be expanded and integrated optimization for manufactured parts engineering.

1. Production

In the scanner output is to capture or modify parts used that occur during production. Usually hand coordination necessary to get the desired destination and the appearance of a particular part of the tools. If 3D comes into play, optimization and manual changes are easy to transfer from one tool to another, so that all parts produced in accordance with the ends meet production. The tests also help in the analysis and characterization of wear of the tool during the production; This is very useful tool for correcting errors or removal, before it is too late.

2. Introduction

The permit scanning 3D data physical objects directly translated into the project engineering phase. The data offer flexibility in the application of FEA, CAE, CFD and other analyzes necessary to the objects of production in engineering and physically modified.

3. Quality Control

With the 3D-scanning, it has become possible to analyze the constructed state of the parts after manufacture. When combined with statistical analysis software, 3D scanning helps maintain and deliver quality parts at the manufacturing stage.

4. Distribution

It may seem unrealistic, but 3D scanning vision systems used in distribution centers and shipping useful to sort and track packages. Scanning certified before the integrity of the products and after the show. Scanning systems are some of the systems used 3D scans exact digital copies of props to create, cars, airplanes, and even buildings.

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