Best Old Classic Games From Nintendo

Best Old Classic Games From Nintendo Reviews

The years go by, the new game consoles created, but the old classic Nintendo games never seem to forget. Almost all children or even adults play memories of the first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), better than the Nintendo known. Two revolutionary fictional characters, Mario and Luigi made an impact on almost all childhood worldwide. If the Mario brothers that interest you, or if sports games like Techmo Super Bowl, was a Nintendo game we all loved at home. If you do not like the Super Bowl or Techmo Mario Brothers, hunting duck has not played? Despite all the old classic games of Nintendo, Mario brother could have been the classic all the old games of Nintendo. No matter how good the graphics look like the PlayStation 3 or the new Xbox 360, or as fun playing Nintendo Wii, we all love the basic old Nintendo games. New game consoles, and will come, but everything is playing a Nintendo.

Here we present some of the best-seller of the old Nintendo games in the order of units sold remember (in millions):

40.23 - Super Mario Brothers
18 - Super Mario Brothers 3
10 - Super Mario Brothers 2
6:51 - The Legend of Zelda
4:38 - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
4 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
3.8 - Dragon Warrior III
3.1 - Dragon Warrior IV
2:46 - Golf
2.4 - Dragon Warrior II
2:35 - Baseball
2:13 - Mahjong
2:05 - Family Stadium
1.81 - Tetris
1.67 - DuckTales

This extensive list any title from Konami created. Some of the most popular games from Konami is: Contra and Castlevania series. It's late for the titles of the debate as "101 Nintendo Games" sold in the total number of units contributed. Although no official data was interesting, sold like old games for the Wii Arcade to see.

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