How Of The Process Of Making Tea and History Black Tea?

The Process Of Making Tea and History Black Tea Reviews

Black tea is the term used to describe a variety of teas, subjected to enhanced oxidation of the green, oolong tea and white tea. All four of these teas is actually have a stronger flavor from the plant Camellia sinensis leaves, black tea and generally contains more caffeine than other varieties.

In China and other countries with similar language culture, tea is usually called "Crimson tea 'it. The term "black tea" is often used in China to describe various post-fermented tea, including pu-erh tea.

In other countries - particularly in the West - "red tea" is often used to describe Rooibos, which is South Africa decoction or herbal tea.
This tea can actually keep their flavor for up to several years, unlike green tea, lose their flavor within a year usually. Black tea has the Tang Dynasty are still used in China as a cloth painting of the lower classes.
Until the 19th century, black tea, green tea surpassed in popularity, and green tea a renaissance in recent years was reported due to the health benefits-giving, black tea still prevails as one of the teas most enjoy popular, most representing more than ninety percent of the total sold in the western tea.
In some cultures, the term "black tea" is also used to serve tea without milk, in the same way that the "black coffee" without milk or cream is served.

The unblended teas are usually named after the region, which are produced internally. Different regions where black tea is grown often produce teas that have their own distinct flavors.
This tea is often mixed and blended with various other substances, the plants produce various drinks. Earl Grey. This is simply blended black tea with bergamot oil.

In countries like the United States, the shells or pieces of citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons often taste of black tea used. While it is easy to confuse these herbal citrus tea products, remember that the actual teas will not have caffeine, while tea products containing certain amounts of caffeine.

The method is described as follows:

1. Once the tea leaves are harvested, treated with air blowing on a solidification process

2. Black tea is then processed by the (crush, tear, curl) or orthodox method CTC method

CTC method is typically processed to a lower quality of tea leaves, which are intended for use in tea bags, and by use of machinery in general. This highly efficient method helps ensure a better quality tea leaves were medium and low quality tea.
Orthodox processing, on the other hand, involves treatment with either machine or by hand, manual processing, usually reserved for higher-quality teas. Edit the orthodox way leads to a loose leaf tea of ​​the highest quality used is much higher is considered by connoisseurs of tea.

3. The sheets are then dried to stop the oxidation process

When tea is often used in a proportion of 2,25 g tea per 180ml of water. Black tea is always immersed in boiling water in contrast to the green tea is bitter, when produced at higher temperatures.
The filling times for black tea in the range of 3-4 minutes to the more sensitive black teas 4-5 minutes, whole leaf black tea.

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