How The Principles Of How To Make Beef Jerky

Best The Principles Of How To Make Beef Jerky in Here

Jerky is believed to be produced by the people of the first food products, and the process for producing jerky is maintaining one of the first known successful attempts food in antiquity. Make the jerky process, especially when using traditional methods, is simple and requires only a means for drying and smoking meat and the two components: the meat and salt. To protect against this possibility, you need to add salt to the production process and the dry meat fast bacterial growth prevention. When properly maintained, the meat dry cow - as well as other types of jerky - can be stored at room temperature for an extended period.

With companies around the world, jerky makes a wide range of products, it is easy and convenient to buy online jerking or purchased through local stores. For those interested in unstable home, the following information provides a basic understanding of the components and the manufacturing process help.

How to Beef Jerky: Common Ingredients

As mentioned above, it becomes jerky with only meat and salt. However, it is more common for modern manufacturers of meat in a mixture jerky marinade ingredients that each batch of jerky give a unique flavor. Some of the most common ingredients for making jerky currently used are soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, sugar, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne and paprika.

How Jerky meat: meat selection and processing

You can empalagado made with ground beef, and some people prefer this method as a way for a more mild jolt or use to achieve cuts of meat jerky for other production methods are too small. more homemade jerky, but enthusiasts prefer dried snack with meat from whole muscle meat produced, which are chopped, to speed up the maintenance process. What kind of meat you use, excess fat should be removed during the manufacturing process. It must then be finely pressed or rolled with a rolling pin before drying.

If the meat is used throughout the muscle, must be thinly sliced ​​with the grain of the muscle. Prepare selected a recipe marinade and pour over the meat in a bowl or a plastic bag. Let the meat marinate overnight, then pour the excess liquid before drying jerky or beef smoking.

How Jerky meat: meat preservation

Air drying is of course the traditional means by which the meat is obtained, and make holiday. While air drying is very popular even today, you can also use a dehydrator, smoker or oven to dry the meat. If using an oven, it is important to remember that the temperature should be kept as low as possible to avoid cooking meat during the drying process.

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