How To Know A Quality Black Tea Garden You Should Know

How To Know a Quality Black Tea Garden

Black tea has helped to revolutionize the beverage market. Over the years, exotic drink has become the most popular tea world. In fact, 80 percent of the tea consumed in the USA, is in fact the range of black tea.

Perhaps black tea is so popular because of its boldness - is darker and stronger than green tea.

The production method

Once started, the black tea leaves are distributed so as to be dried. The quality of black tea varies depending on a number of different factors.

These include the origin of black tea, the conditions under which it is grown, and the competence of the manager of the tea estate. Therefore, a black tea garden is the quality depends on both their production and soil conditions of the actual plot.

Usually black tea grows best in areas that are warm and research throughout 3000-7000 meters. Because teas at high altitudes to grow is usually slower, producing a tea more flavor. Tea gardens of Darjeeling region of India and the Uva region of Sri Lanka, are high above 6,000 meters. Although tea grows best in a dry season, the rain which can survive for tea to.

For example, you could Honey Pear, a black tea version shown in conjunction with the sweet taste of honey fruity pear flavor. An interesting alternative would be Nepalese Afternoon Tea, a tea derived from the base of Mount Everest in Nepal. This tea loose leaf combines lotus, honey and sandalwood to form a mixture of delicious and memorable.

Another possibility is Pu-erh, a loose tea leaves, which is the most popular tea in Asia.

Great taste

One of the key points to keep in mind about black tea of ​​distinctive flavor. Once you've sampled black tea, chances are you are never nostalgic for other types of tea. While black tea may be an acquired taste, once you get used to it, you will probably want to make drinking habits throughout life black tea.

Health benefits

Research shows that there are many health benefits associated with black tea. For example, caffeine can improve airflow in the lungs, drinking black tea may be useful for people with asthma. Some studies also suggest that polyphenols in black tea have antioxidant properties, which make them useful for combating cancer.

Moreover, researchers believe that black tea may be useful in the prevention of tooth decay and heart attacks. There is some evidence that the beverage may enhance memory, improve mental performance and increase alertness. Interestingly, drinking black tea may also help prevent osteoporosis, improve bone mass in older women. Usually people who have an allergy to caffeine or tannin should not drink black tea, since such use rash or hives may result. The caffeine in black tea may also increase urine production to reduce sodium / potassium amounts of blood and can worsen incontinence.

As a result of people not suffering from diabetes complications black tea is suitable. Those with severe liver disease may be adversely affected, and the caffeine in black tea.

Some final thoughts

Find a high quality black tea is really not that difficult, all grades whereas available today. Once you begin drinking black tea, you may find that you're hooked for life. Even the most sensitive tea connoisseurs tend high praise for black tea.

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