The Local Guides Program Provides Free Storage On Google Drive

The Local Guides Program Provides Free Storage On Google Drive Reviews

Google has always innovative when it comes to promotion and distribution of their services for the public contribution. Previously, it was a great success, as more and more people are attracted to this idea.

Moreover, it comes to consistently deliver the data to the giant technology

If we ignore this little mistake, local guides is a wonderful platform, if you like to travel and want to check local venues such as restaurants, attractions, etc. It works like TripAdvisor and other modern and gives you a chance to evaluate the service left and feedback.

In addition, the Local Guides program provides free storage on Google Drive, and offers a privileged access, but over time. It also ensures the presence of social media network as the feedback is that it will give Google Maps and the possibility of more accurate map and make it useful for people.


There are five levels in the screening process and guarantee a quick pulse on the stairs. Each grade level or based ranking promoted, add notes to their views, take photos, or edit points and answering questions posed. The first level does not offer much when it comes to performance, as they offer only a monthly newsletter and invites to a cozy meeting place Google. The full benefits start pouring in when you get four levels. Here is a Google Drive storage terabytes receive for two years and an annual thank surprise. And with level five, receive exclusive information that comes with Google Maps and possibly an invitation to a Summit of Local guides.

AS Climbing the ladder?

The basic and general idea is very simple. Add more comments, more photos, new locations to Google Maps. Just to earn points, you need not be a really bad place to promote.

Another way to speed up the step, are some of the other Google services, like to use Google Photos, Location History in Google Maps. You can find your photos anywhere with your phone was to enable these services. Moreover, the images displayed on sites where Google thinks you left. Furthermore, they should be automatically stored in Google Photos.

To add images to comments, simply click on one of the places you visit, and then add your review with the images. You get more points and benefits with pictures and commentary together.

Discussion on the additional benefits!

Another way to climb the ladder, add sites and locations on Google Maps. In other words, information and validation of Google Maps. If you can get successfully all relevant information, such as name, address, hours and other details about the place, is certainly good points. Help to strengthen a business. It is a kind of win-win situation.


If you are willing to follow the strategy, which may be a local primary leader in a short time. Wherever you go, Google will mark together. The downside of this is your last benefits are deleted. Overall it's a nice experience, and that will help many people and also benefit from Google.

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