Tips Ways Choosing Hybrid Platforms For The Development Of Your Application

When Choosing Hybrid Platforms For The Development Of Your Application

It's amazing, interesting and amazing how a new gadget, authority or changes in the promising field of innovation and differentiation technology forever. So while the world was filled with applications, it had been the effectiveness of the presentation and impact of a bang for the daily "cross-platform applications" managed to steal the limelight.

What is the cross-platform applications?

As the term suggests, the cross-platform application associated with the development of mobile applications that can be used on more than one platform.

Growth began with the growing trend of Bring your own device as known BYOD. It is because of BYOD, it has become imperative for the company to develop applications for enterprise mobile and send them to a variety of mobile devices. The importance of implementing cross-platform, in that these different mobile understood, they are in different networks and operate simultaneously, using different operating systems. So, it is only through a cross-platform application that can be used to work correctly.

What are the popular tools for cross-platform development?

Multi-platform applications to impress an attractive offer. Here is a list of the most popular tools:


Is the tool that allows the development of applications in HTML5. The advantage associated with this tool is that it saves time and facilitates the translation.


This tool is part of Adobe. It is a free resource that can be used by the first application developers. Use Code HTML5, CSS and dictionary JavaScript. It supports to make applications for BlackBerry and Windows.

Appcelerator Titanium

This is an open source tool. Makes iOS and Android native applications.


Make sure that this tool is used for the two-dimensional developments of games. With the help of this the developer tool is to develop a position five different platforms.


Is to make this tool used even big games. It is a gaming machine that offers some of the most exciting works of art.

Corona time

Is of paramount importance in the world's most technologically advanced equipment and offers state-of-the-art. So with this tool is the development of applications can be started within 5 minutes after downloading the new application code. It is ideal for 2D game graphics.


This tool is connected to a free choice of starter. It covers delivery store implementation, monitoring, performance, and similar tests.


Anywhere allows the programmer connected in various ways in the use of programming languages. Thus, the developer C #; Javascript for XBasic, VB.NET and other languages ​​supported by .NET, such as Cobra and C ++.


This tool is ideal for companies to use to develop applications for their employees. The focus sharpens data security. By using these tools, the development of cross-platform applications is easier and more efficient.

Since the cross-platform applications is cheaper and more effective?

By applying cross-platform, the performance benefits achieved Ass. Using a variety of tools that can work on a single code base. The code is then run through the compiler, native iOS or Android apps emit. With various code bases, the maintenance cost is very high.

Again, given that the tools used are known, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, language, # is a techno experts as C literally; In-house developers can watch the preparation of this application.

This saves time and money. The consistency achieved by these applications, synchronization or merge between platforms. This also resulted in cross-platform developers increase platform.

As for the future, may be determined by considering the current scenario, it will be seen on all platforms increasing development of applications.


There is no doubt that hybrid applications more sense and have a clear advantage in certain scenarios. Considering the cost-benefit ratio, which saves time and therefore characteristic associated with the development of cross-platform platform, it is right to accompany them. Application developers worldwide have lapped this technology and provide benefits for users like never before.

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