What Common Challenges in Mobile Testing Services

What Common Challenges in Mobile Testing Services in Here

Portable devices grow in popularity with indescribable speed. Almost each smartphone, tablet or other mobile device; Also, the devices are not immune to this growing market. The proliferation of mobile devices and applications means that software testing is even more important. As with any kind of effort, there is bound to challenges mobile testing. Below is a list of the seven most common organizations obstacles and QA engineers are mobile tests and applications.

Multiple devices, settings, and operating system

Perhaps the most widespread challenge to mobile services test the device itself. There are various kinds of mobile devices such as iPods, iPads, Android and Windows devices. QA engineers and developers must ensure that the application to operate through a large number of devices and configurations.

Various types of applications

In addition to see if an application on all devices, carriers and operating systems work, have the tester for different types of applications. QA engineers should consider the special needs of native applications, web applications and hybrid applications in mind.

Different screen sizes

Another obstacle is QA tester, is the difference in screen size. An application can work well on an iPad and the screen to show all that is to be displayed, but this applies to smaller screens may not work so well. Furthermore, they must consider the QA-engineers, and various kinds union. As the implementation of a 3G network to a 4G network in comparison? How about Wi-Fi; Since the application will work in airplane mode, or if there is no connection? Even if the test body is no longer important, bandwidth and connectivity are all questions you should consider QA engineers, if you test your mobile applications.


Another investment barrier cell tester is internationalization. Translating applications into other languages ​​can be difficult.

Lack of time or tools

Some organizations simply can not take the time to carefully check your application. They may also not have the tools necessary to test the application correctly. These two obstacles would cause the application without suitable Test Market Place, which could lead to dissatisfied customers and loss of revenue.

Inexperienced testers

Sometimes a QA organization simply not the experience or knowledge to check your application. The application will lose its quality because the developers are not trained to analyze an application in the same way, the tasters. Testers prepared an application to "break" to ensure that the final application is the best quality.

The setting of quality control provider

One way to overcome these obstacles is to hire a company providing software testing mobile testing. Efficient firms tests have the tools you need to test your application. If your offshore QA testing to receive test saving valuable time and QA engineers provider when your day is over. The best providers of mobile services test are ways to overcome these common obstacles.

Have a lab test

The effective mobile test partner will have dedicated leadership workshop for mobile testing. This laboratory is multiple devices and multiple configurations of these devices for your application are fully tested included. This will also help to test different screen sizes and operating systems.

With experienced engineers

These companies have highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in testing and experience in a variety of test tools.

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