What is The Best Solution For Oily Skin You Should Know Reviews

Solution For Oily Skin You Should Know Reviews

When it comes to oily skin, to remove the products and the oil can be a problem for the control. And it is an even bigger problem if you do not know what are the options for oily skin work better. Oily skin, unlike the combination of dry, lacks many features, other oils. Someone with oily skin generally no gloss and oily all over his face. Pimples, acne and / or enlarged pores are also characteristics of oily skin. Another big key to know that you have oily skin oily are persistent, that is, when cleaning the oil returns.

When true oily skin type, your current solutions, use will help to minimize the oil, but not to cure the problem. Why; Oily skin is created by the natural production of androgens in the body. Since androgens are an inherent part you, birth created within current solutions applied to the outside of the skin, natural DNA can be changed.

However, there are solutions that can now minimize and control your oily skin. What make known to skip. It is important to steer clear of products and ingredients for oily skin worse.

These include:

Creams, oils and lotions (plasticizer in heavy creams and lotions are some offenders, promote leanness, instead, use a light moisturizer or hydrating fluid gel.

Irritants such as alcohol, witch hazel, peppermint, eucalyptus, peppermint, citrus extracts, or anything that causes a warm feeling, tingling of the skin.
Foundation stick.
Soaps (some shaped bars are too harsh and drying for all skin types).
Packaged products in bottles.

Recommendation: A gel-based cleansers, paint and fragrance.


Stimulate skin missing any step, especially for people with oily skin. The tightening of the skin helps to minimize large pores, but also anti-irritant supply healing skin.

Recommendation: Recommend a tonic light moisturizing cream, fluid designed to control excess oil production.


Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and fat cells of the skin to the skin and if you read my other articles, you know a big fan of BHA and AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids). Both allow the exfoliating cells from healthy cells of the skin because of improving the collagen production to operate. However, for people with oily skin, it helps to use a well formulated BHA control how the oil on the surface of the skin pores flows. Look for a BHA in a gel or liquid, and apply once every other day until your skin to become familiar with the product. Protect. Sun protection is very important for all skin types, but also for people with oily skin, a suitable suncare product can be found is a very complicated step. One main rule for people with oily skin and avoid lotions, creams thickness or pore clogging ingredients product that difficult decisions, the use of sunscreen. The two combined composition choices will help give the right sun protection, without the need to apply a sunscreen on the face. However, the best protection equal to a healthier skin. If you use sunscreen to choose your makeup, contact your makeup after applying sunscreen.

Recommendation: A little sunscreen or liquid with a matte finish.


Drinking liquids is large in antioxidants, nutrients and natural moisture, the weight provides. Also, lightweight serum or moisturizer gel also an excellent choice.

Recommendation: serum to give great oral job without weight. Look for a saline solution with antioxidants such as vitamin C supplemented, cranberry, and vitamin E.

Remember: The products contain irritants cause irritation to the surface and promote the pores to produce more oil, so it is important to avoid them. If oily skin is a problem during the day, use oil on paper towels to help absorb excess oil and shine control.

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