What is Interesting Features Of Google Play Game Services in Here

What is Interesting Features Of Google Play Game Services

Google has many services for Android users. Google Play Games is one of the services that can be received by an Android phone users to complete to save the progress of the game and compete with your friends through social media Google+.

Features of Google Play Services game of interest:

The basic functionality of Google Play Games is like the Apple Game Center. This typical social game allows you to save the clouds detected, public leaderboards, multiplayer, anti-piracy and services. These characteristics are a great addition to the game developers, of information, application developer for mobile devices that allows game developers SDK Play games with your game to use and does not need to develop their resources.

Some key features of the service are:

· Achievements:

The games we play contains many achievements that can be unlocked, as we move forward. These features keep the game interesting, but many developers forego adding these functions because they fear that the size of the resulting game will keep people from taking it. With the feature of the success of Google Play Games, the developer can use the services for its own benefit, without adding to your original game that tells itself an important application for the development of the company's Android.

· Saved Games:

Cloud stores are another great feature of Google Play Services.

· Searches and Lists:

Another interesting feature is the availability of searches and leaderboards. Shipments are online competitions and challenges, which will allow us to play games for many of our device.

Launch these resources with Google Play game services and have a project in the digital world, in order to prove its value. This is all about Google for the social media game services help users to take their games Android Play the Google+ network.

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