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IPC Certification Courses Review in Here

IPC is a network organization, support arm and nonprofit repository of standards in the electronic industry. It offers a variety of networking events where industry leaders, technocrats and industry to take the electronics industry involved people to learn and exchange ideas. It is in this latter area that the consensus of industry training skills and knowledge conducted these standards in an effort across the industry to identify and show the formalization of training programs. This IPC certification programs are important to maintain the integrity and quality consistency in manufacturing of electronic devices in various industries and applications. In PCB assembly area there are a variety of standard IPC certification programs.

They are listed and an overview is given below:


Acceptability of PCB manufacturing quality standard PCB documents, so that a broad acceptance criteria shows with colored graphics and photos, all kinds of board space and internal conditions.


Acceptance of electronic assemblies is the standard of IPC PCB published test criteria placed.


Requirements and acceptance for cable and wire assemblies is consensus industry standard for the production and installation of cables and wires. The product categories are defined and include criteria for error conditions, process monitor, accepted and seek to collect visual quality to support the admission requirements for each category.


Requirements for electrical and electronic welding is the specification for the production of electronics. The standard describes methods and materials for the production of welding connections quality. The standard emphasizes process control and sets the requirements areas consensus on a wide range of electronic products.

IPC 7711

The training and certification program resume offers companies the opportunity to save money by doing the repairs!

The IPC Certification Program appear to be used by independent education centers as a multi-tier program with the highest level of master teachers. These master teachers are the backbone of IPC training certification program.

The IPC Certification Program administered by the highest level of teachers who are the backbone of IPC training courses.

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