5 Beauty Tips For Teen Girls: Fact Versus Fiction

Beauty Tips For Teen Girls: Fact Versus Fiction

Some of the most popular beauty tips for teen girls at some facts not occur, but rumors passed from a generation to another. Often adolescent mothers feel forced to share beauty secrets with their young children. be unfortunately called pooled some of these beauty tips for teenagers with good intentions mothers are not based on facts and even more harm than good in some cases. In this article we take a look at some of the most popular beauty tips tested in time and tell you if there is more reality based than fantasy.

Tip # 1 Beauty: Myth or reality? Everyday hair brush for healthy hair

You said that you have healthy hair, you should brush your hair vigorously, at least 100 strokes, at least once a day? This beauty advice was generally accepted until recently, as applicable. Probably because excessive hair brush is the production of natural oils stimulate hair scalp shiny and healthy left. Recent studies have shown that this type of excessive hair brush not only makes a very oily scalp resulting hair pores clogged by the growth of hair may be impaired, and increase the chances of hair breakage only the hair follicles prevents more brushing. So the intelligent conclusion seems to be that this is one of the little beauty secrets for teen girls that actually do more harm than good.

Final Decision: Fiction

Beauty Tip # 2: Myth or reality? Excessive session causes varicose

Like a spider web of moving up and down the legs and feet you have seen someone with dark blue veins? If yes, then you saw what are called varicose veins. Says One of the beauty tips often together adolescents these nasty veins caused by sitting too. For the prevention of varicose veins, it is very important to get your body moving and stretching, making it a good circulation of blood throughout the body, especially the legs and feet.

Tip # 3 Beauty: Myth or reality? Cut your hair grow faster

Of all the beauty tips for girls will see, this may be one of the most common. Many girls would argue that actually works. Unfortunately you cut your hair for nothing, since it does not work and as a result of imagination. Normal hair grows only at an average half an inch per month with excess growth is only during the summer months. Do not cut to change that the growth cycle of your hair and hair grow faster.

Tip # 4 Beauty: Myth or reality? Toothpaste is an acne treatment

If, like many young girls and combat can be mastered with facial acne, your father or someone, use toothpaste as an acne treatment proposed for your face. This is not only a fantastic beauty tip for teen girls, but it is a beauty tip that can make your acne problem worse. The fact is that the toothpaste does nothing to help your facial acne problem, heal, and if that is not bad enough, the chemicals contained in toothpaste, acne can really continue to promote, and in some cases even and cause scarring result. Search Then again, avoid toothpaste and professional advice from a dermatologist, what products are safe and effective to use for your acne problem.

Beauty Tip 5: Myth or reality? A great tan same great health

For many years, both adults and young people who are believed to have a great tan makes you look healthy. Concentrated solar radiation often leads to skin cancer, some of which can be fatal to the victim. It seems to promote skin cancer in some users, and there is a growing public demand for restrictions on tanning salons can visit Sun, similar to the regular sale of alcoholic drinks recently even have solarium. Avoid Apply lotion for sun protection before going out if you plan to spend more time in the sun, then use at least sunshade with SPF 30. Do not forget a hat to wear sunburn on the scalp and light clothing help to help protect sensitive body parts, such as legs and arms should disappear lotion. Hope these beauty tips covered in this article will help young people to stay healthy and to believe blindly to avoid things associated with some of the risks are simply not true, if we have to look beautiful.

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