Hidden Chronic Viral Infection May Reduce The Health and Vitality

Hidden Chronic Viral Infection May Reduce The Health and Vitality ~ Chronic infections are a cause of many health problems or is it more a matter of the country? One example states that germs cause many diseases. It is possible that simplistic and reductionist attitude to medicine our patient harm? What does "the country deal"?

To be found in chronic disease states likely adrenal cortex, nutrient deficiency, sleep disturbances and poor eating habits. Our adrenal glands can be made of the amount of anti-inflammatory hormones taxed need to combat the stress placed on the body. The adrenal glands may not be able to provide the body with energy (cortisol), to combat infections.

Medicine in our society often divides the mind and body. What is a body disease, or a disease of the mind. With a holistic approach is necessary to begin to see the body and mind in relation to the disease and its prosperity.

Many of us have toxic thoughts and feelings. Can affect that kind of thoughts, adversely affect the health, motivation and side reaction. The first step is often subconscious. Reframing the idea, we can begin the thrill and toxic thinking of the equation increases.

Another possibility, mental soil challenge occurs in the case of chronic disease. We to contract diseases. Sometimes our body breaking down. The amazing thing is, our body is so great, even if the support of the rights granted to repair. If we say that our body has reached a stressful situation that we can work gain a better understanding of our environment. Well, if you have an infection, it is appropriate to resolve this issue.

Analyze the infection:

In our clinical practice, we tested for chronic viral infections Nagalase. Chronic viral infections can be hidden in many diseases, such as chronic fatigue, arthritis and fibromyalgia linked. What is Nagalase;

It is Nagalase, even alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase, known as an enzyme. It is often increased in patients with viral infections and in cancer patients. With activity in cancer Nagalase investigation predictor of aggression and tumor progression has been associated. (1)

Research shows Nagalase high influenza cases of HIV, and more. Other examples of conditions that are affected by chronic Nagalase include Herpes (cold sores), Lyme's disease, and many other viral infections. So Nagalase is an excellent marker for chronic viral infections.

Test Nagalase wise. Symptoms of chronic viral infection can mimic the symptoms associated with other conditions, such as Lyme disease and toxicity of the mold. How Nagalase;

In cancer patients and patients infected with the virus Nagalase caused inactivation of macrophage activating factor (MAF-GC). The active GC-MAF MAF to kill the alarm signal as a receiver based on the immune system of our cancer cells or other pathogens. Part of the mechanism of survival of cancer cells and viruses are likely through Nagalase induction, thereby reducing the immune capacity.

Since we have entered into a viral infection, the virus works to suppress the immune system, leading the struggle against them more difficult. The clever defense mechanism!

Using GC-MAF is not approved by the FDA at this time.

Precursor GC-MAF known as GC-globulin may be reduced in situations such as trauma. (3) Thus show that trauma can affect to reduce our immune function.

GC-MAF is vitamin D-dependent, so it is often necessary to supplement with vitamin D for optimal function of this protein. When working with viruses, we have the use of herbs and supplements into account, activate macrophages, which help the immune system to fight the virus.

Herbs such as Goldenseal and Oregon grape contains a compound called berberine. Berberinas shown in research for the activation of macrophages, which is probably part of the mechanism behind the fact that these herbs work well for viral infection.

The research examines directly Maitake and Agaricus answer activate your macrophages. (6) In addition, the cell walls of fungi have a beta-glucan component for increasing macrophage function the likelihood fungi such as Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake and oysters are advantages to viral infection for the positive effects on the immune system.

The Chinese herb, Ku Shen (Sophora root) also shows some promising antiviral activity to hepatitis studies and Coxsackie virus. Further activity of macrophages was boswellicos acids (found in incense) to increase this period. (10) (11)

Proved in clinical practice, which are treated with conventional medicine, without the support of the floor. The problem with chronic illness and symptoms, treatment only eliminate conventional medicine with the pathogen does not respond, because the pathogen was able to begin to multiply in our body. Natural medicine has the same responsibility. When you eliminate the infection and collaborate face of the earth, we have become stronger, more powerful and able to respond to physical, mental and emotional challenges and development opportunities of life.


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That explanation Hidden Chronic Viral Infection May Reduce The Health and Vitality may be useful.

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