How Introduced the Process of Chocolate making?

The chocolate-making process - The chocolate as it is a good raw material. If you have renamed itself some chocolate from chocolatiers world class with the same ingredients.

The main reason for each ingredient of chocolate is cocoa. Texture - softer more refined appearance of a chocolate brand. People have different tastes, so that no two people can enjoy the same chocolate.

What is the difference between chocolate and cocoa?

chocolate and cocoa

Sometimes used interchangeably "cocoa" and "cocoa". However technically "cocoa" is used with respect to the powdered product while "cocoa" should be used when referring to grain producing cocoa solids, cocoa mass, cocoa butter and interesting - cocoa powder.

Chocolate is more or less produced in the same procedure. One type is to mix the beans by hand, which is an art and a science of chocolate making. This ensures that each chocolate and novelty products taste the same.

Roasting the beans

beans chocolate

After the selection process and the cleaning is done, the beans are roasted taste of chocolate to develop desired. During roasting, the beans change color due to a rich coffee and chocolate flavor comes. After baking, the shells cracked beans and removed, leaving the essence of pure chocolate "nose" is called. For Dutch processing cocoa beans, a solution is added to produce a darker and less sour taste. The longer a bean is roasted, the more intense the flavor.

Shot milling

milling chocolate

The roasted seeds were ground by a method of liquefaction of cocoa butter in the nibs and shaped "chocolate liquor". Chocolate liquor is alcohol-free and simply refers to chocolate liquor. Chocolate liquor can be pressed to unsweetened chocolate or molded and hardened cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

Cocoa Pressing

Cocoa Pressing

The type of cocoa handles some of the cocoa butter, cocoa mass, to leave "cocoa cake". The cocoa butter used in the manufacture of chocolate; The remaining dry cocoa cake is pulverized into cocoa powder.


Fineness chocolate

The ingredients such as chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter and milk powder, in amounts to form the different types of chocolate mixed in a mixing pulp with the consistency of the dough. The chocolate is refined through a series of rollers to crush the fluff significantly reduced in size. This step is crucial to determine how smooth chocolate when eaten.


Mixture chocolate

Different manufacturers enhance the chocolate in varying degrees, more often 40 microns. Each higher finish gives the chocolate an extremely smooth texture without "grain".

Conching chocolate

Conching chocolate

Conching is a process to develop the chocolate flavor, wherein the chocolate is placed under constant stirring. These machines have large sheets that wiping by hand the mass of refined chocolate to another. Conching reduced moisture leads all persistent acids flavors, chocolate and coating of each particle with a layer of cocoa butter. The resulting chocolate has a soft and smooth flavor.

Painting and format

chocolate labeling

Chocolate is then a curing process, wherein heated and coooled. This creates a small and stable cocoa butter crystals in the liquid chocolate mass.

Cooling and packaging

packaging chocolate

The molded chocolate enters the cooling tunnel is controlled to solidify the parts. Depending on the size of the chocolate piece, the cooling circuit lasts between 20 minutes to two hours. The cooling tunnel, the chocolate is packed for delivery to retailers and end.

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