How Of Radiotherapy Of Breast Cancer?

How Of Radiotherapy Of Breast Cancer? ~ The most appropriate and effective treatment for you depends on many factors, including: - the type of cancer, stage and grade, hormonal status of cancer as well. Positive or negative estrogen / estrogen, the situation of cancer and protein. HER2 your positive or negative, age, physical condition and state of the menopause.


Most breast cancers are treated with some form of surgery in order to try to remove all the cancerous cells. Or all (mastectomy) or part (lumpectomy) breast removed.


The chemotherapy is a treatment option in the body (systemic). This means that it is recommended that if there is an increased risk of spread or return of cancer.


Radiation therapy is a very effective way and generally are used to treat breast cancer. Radiation therapy may be given even after mastectomy after operation in a remaining breast tissue or breast wall.

How administered?

Radiotherapy with photons usually administered across the chest area and can also be lymph nodes in the armpit areas, the collarbone (supraclavicular - SCF) or sternum (intramemoria chain - IMC). Many women also have a reinforcing week finishing with electrons in the bed tumor site alone. Radiation to the breast can be given at 15 to 30 treatments depending on the factors mentioned above.

Position of patient

For the treatment of radiotherapy should lie in a deal, it is adjusted to a height of some slope so that your chest is on the treatment couch to ensure horizontal. Depending on your particular type of treatment, you should pick one or both hands over his head, so that the radiation treatment can be planned and managed effectively. Sometimes, after the operation, the arm / shoulder muscles feel tight and rigid to make this difficult situation. That is why it is so important to regularly arm exercises to practice that will facilitate your medical team more flexibility and degree of motion.

Side effects of radiotherapy COMMON CHEST

The most common side effects experienced by radiotherapy to the chest area skin reactions and fatigue. Below are some additional specific tips you can manage / reduce the severity of skin radiation reaction to assist in the chest area.

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