How To Choose A Beautiful Racing Bike?

Choose A Beautiful Racing Bike

The road is one of the best ways to enhance physical fitness, long distance and high speed movement on routes with a smooth surface by foot. Regular driving on a highway or model contributes to the harmonious development of all muscle groups. Therefore, those skilled riders shifted. So, how to choose a great bike race?

Above all, we want to see the differences between models racing and other types of short two-, including:

Frame, wheels and lighter components;
Narrow tires;
The front forks are often made of carbon fiber;
No back or front suspension.


If such a bike to buy, future owners between frames made of carbon fiber and aluminum have to choose. Most prominent aluminum frame for driving on a flat surface. The carbon fibers produced panels have improved stress resistance and maximum effective damping during transport.


As mentioned above, road bikes are often equipped with high-pressure narrow tires. The wheels are adapted to provide these features low friction road surface, which contributes to the development of high speed.


Most of these bicycle pedals have not modeled. This bike comes with extremely lightweight aluminum alloy, which is anti-static coating. The three beams of an aluminum alloy provides high strength and improving the speed. What's more, the functional operation of 46T crankset with exquisite workmanship speeding.


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Strength 150 kg
Pedal: Pedal Bearings
Brakes: Dual disc brake of V
Size: 700x52cm
Package weight: 14 kg


Choosing the first road bike, you need to pay special attention to the frame, wheels and pedals how all this could affect the driving experience in the future.

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