How To Prevent Skin Cancer and Other Harmful Effects Of Ultraviolet Radiation?

Prevent Skin Cancer and Other Harmful Effects Of Ultraviolet Radiation ~ Imagine lazy days in the sun without worrying about how to prevent skin cancer, swim in the deep blue-green crystal clear water, walk barefoot in the sand and dust her skin browned. Turn On the one hand, the sun emits UV rays and dangerous brown skin is not safe. The truth hurts but live found for harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation is cooked, such as the skin produces free radicals. These molecules are toxic free radicals that damage the skin collagen, the cells and DNA.

Damage to the collagen results in wrinkles and structure of skin roughness. And as you weaken stay longer in the sun without using any protection, natural skin defense mechanism and lead to staining. Over time it can cause excessive pressure on sun damage and ultimately skin cancer cells! A fun beach vacation is still possible as long as seven ways to know how to prevent skin cancer and other harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on you.

Just as skin cancer prevention? The only effective way to prevent damage to the skin is to stay completely out of the sun. But stay out of the sun is not so easy, especially if you live near the equator, where the sun shines almost all year or if you are nature lovers. There are 7 practical and effective measures for the prevention of skin cancer and protect yourself against other harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Strategies 6 Skin cancer prevention:

1. Avoid the sun between 10:00 to 16:00. The sun's UV rays are very intense and very harmful in the meantime.

2. Always use a good sunscreen to implement that provides broad-spectrum protection. Broad spectrum means that protects you from lethal effects of ultraviolet radiation. For outdoor activities, you need a sunscreen with SPF 50, you are at the beach or on a raised area where the effects of UV radiation is more intense at least predominantly.

3. Wear protective clothing. light clothing is not enough to provide protection from the sun, such as UV radiation can penetrate light material.

4. Wear a wide-brimmed hat as wide-brimmed better coverage for the face, ears and back of the head and neck provides.

5. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. The sun can also cause damage to the eyes to cause cataract formation. The best types of sunglasses are those that offer 100% UV protection, wrap around the eyes from side to side and have polarized lenses. Remember, that will protect your precious eyes and so worth the price.

6. Follow the rule shadow. The shadow of the rules say, "when your shadow is short, go and seek the shade." If the sun's intensity is at its peak, your shadow appears shorter. No adhesives or other sugary drinks, please. The effects of ultraviolet radiation is not only felt by the skin and eyes, but also the immune system. Based on facts Skin cancer is now the most common cancer in the world.

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