Kindle Formatting Requirements For Image Kindle Book Cover

How are Kindle Formatting Requirements For Image Kindle Book Cover

You have prepared your manuscript is ready for electronic publishing. Now you should know how to create your images in books and invite Kindle cover of your book on Amazon Kindle direct publishing system. There are two covers that you will need: the product casing and internal eBook cover. The best file format is JPG, which is acceptable to the marketing and the image of the inner cover.

(No for printing book covers)

Formatting images in your book Kindle

Kindle Direct Publishing convert images and text for sending the Amazon Kindle store and Kindle screen and other devices supported. Kindle Direct Publishing your book covers the following forms of treatment:

GIF (or GIF)
PNG (or.png)
BMP (or.bmp)
JPEG (ou.jpeg)

NOTE: you will appear in color Kindle Fire device only images. All other Kindle devices are black and white display.

Book jacket

Use the best formats for Kindle Kindle e-Book, is a JPG image or GIF, 127 KB * size at 300 dpi. This will provide sufficient clarity about the images available, especially for large images or content with gradient patterns. * Amazon recommends a 127K size for book covers. The format of the book Kindle automatically supports JPEG and GIF images up to 127 KB in size .. pictures found in other forms to be sent into KDP supports (such as BMP or PNG), or that the file exceeds the size requirement is re compressed JPEG files, to meet in the process of optimizing your images conversion. A these requirements before the KDP mission will help to reduce the file size. Going to find difficulties in conversion due to the large file size.

Image processing

If you send the Word file (.doc) and have images embedded in your content, the list Kindle Publishing automatically extracts images from the content and replace it with a label HTML img. In this process, each image in a separate image file, which is a part of the publication of the (MOBI content package).

Note: Images are not displayed correctly when you have uploaded a preview of the file. If your book has many pictures, can see the Kindle Fire or by readers with our free Kindle apps for PC devices, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows 7. If no color, remember that images the Kindle (with the exception of fire) occur in 16 shades of gray for great contrast and clarity.

The cover image of the product display

The cover of the product screen is the image that has the Amazon Kindle store for virtual shelf. There must be 72 dpi and I recommend a JPG file. Can I create a rule the product casing from the cover of the internal book 600 x 800. The image of the product should be crisp, clear and need not be greater than 127K, but the Kindle Direct Publishing supports two types of file Cover View Products -Pictures:

JPEG, or.jpeg
TIFF, ou.tif (f)

The KDP apply extra compression to images to display on your website.


Found the best size of your cover to generate, 600 x 800 pixels. This is a little more space than a book cover 6 x 9 inches.

Requirements regarding the size of the cover:

Image dimensions 500 x 800 pixels - 600 x 800 pixels creates a complete coverage of the image screen.


The color attracts attention so that the use of color images, whenever possible and appropriate. The Kindle Fire offers excellent clarity color, then use color images in your e-book. All images in the Web (red, green, blue) in the RGB color mode, which is the color mode of Web-native and many colorful displays.

Flanges for Art White Cap

Cover with white or light background disappear in front of white background Amazon Kindle Store. The addition of a very narrow margin (3-4 units) in medium gray cover image product out the coverage limits.

Cover uploading to Amazon KDP

To publish the Amazon, you need a Kindle Direct Publishing account.

Sign your account at KDP.
They want Mark next to the book that control the edit box
Select the drop-down menu "Actions" in the book list, and select "Edit book details."
Scroll down to the heading labeled "product image".
Click the "search images ..."
A pop-up window. Click "Browse" button.
Locate the cover image file on your Computer, click the "Open" button.
Click "Upload Image" on the button.
Uploaded successfully! It appears together with the preview image.


Planning is the best, so if you want your book is finished and ready at a certain time to buy, to plan their books before the preparation time publication of information before publication. The book is the "draft" mode, up to publish. To ensure that the date of publication to change before publication. When working on your e-Book, unless you have a picture of the product, the Kindle will add a placeholder image in the Amazon detail page for your eBook. Although the placeholder Kindle contains the title of the book and the insured person's name entered is a generic book cover. While each cover creates a better customer experience, appears as a message that the image is not available, nothing can beat a book is well designed and attractive cover.

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