3 Most Common Plant Diseases Caused By Bacteria

Most Common Plant Diseases Caused By Bacteria ~ Bacteria are extremely small organisms, always nearly all environments on the planet Earth. Measuring just a few microns, can prove to the infected, either plant or animal have serious consequences. You can be found in soil, water, any organic material, including radioactive waste.

Bacterial diseases in plants can be extremely detrimental. Some plant diseases caused by bacteria, can quickly kill your plant, others will make you gradually gone. Usually caused diseases, which are not harmful to the plant from bacteria to plants, because it can not give the stems or leaves of the plant; However, it penetrates through artificial or natural openings or wounds.

The three most common plant diseases caused by bacteria, as follows: Crown chicken, bacterial rot of leaf and the point of fire:

1) Crown Gall is a disease that affects the roots and stems of woody plants that attack fruit trees and roses

The stems and roots of infected plants develop a mild bitterness, light hardens into a colorless Galle fall, leaves room for new and secondary needles. These formations are the plant's ability to interfere with the necessary nutrients and water throughout the system to perform the stunt growth and cause Vervet loss. The best protection is to plant resistant plants crown vesicles.

2) Bacterial leaf spot can be identified by the symptoms of the infected leaves of the plants

The plant will develop stains in the water accompanied by yellow halos dark and damp. If the system is continuously delivered rain or moisture, the points will grow together and follow a premature defoliation in severe infection. Citrus, stone fruit trees and vegetables are concerned outdoors and other green plants.

3) Fire blight infects fruit trees and roses

The disease is extremely destructive to install and is based on decomposing material or the plant itself. Once the plant is shown the growing season, the bacteria penetrate through natural openings, but can also be transferred from the plant against insects. The infected plant shows a colored brown sludge at the site of infection, particularly in the flower and start sheets. How it relates torch development shows that plant growth will be faster more affected. A good dose of a copper base several times during the growing season will stop any recurring infections fungicide spray.

That some most common plant diseases caused by bacteria, greeting healthy.

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