Playstation Portable Firmware and PSP Reviews

Playstation Portable Firmware and PSP Reviews ~ The PlayStation Portable is a jack of all trades. He plays music, videos, surf the web and play games. With powerful configuration dual CPU and Memory Stick Pro Duo slot for PSP is a central pocket, capable of much more than just gaming and multimedia.

This is where the homebrew community comes with some modifications of the system software, the PSP software can be run by a third party and a public computer. When Sony first launched the PSP to life, no restrictions. The PS2dev community created a homebrew development kit for the new system and the development community began to grow.

Although third-party utilities and games were harmless, they realized it was possible commercial games running from the memory stick, ISO homebrew loaders used. The Sony knew this could hurt their game sales, so they issued with firmware version 2.0, which removed this functionality. In this version of the firmware, and every new version, it is impossible to be anything but UMD disks and official statements by Sony running games. While this makes piracy impossible, it also causes a serious blow to the growing homebrew community.

When storing the memory stick to copy a specific part of the game and GTA store might accidentally crash the PSP, and load custom code! For the first time since the release of firmware 2:00 was possible to run homebrew code again. At the time, PSPs with firmware version 1.50 were in high demand and dwindling supplies. By taking advantage of this software, and Fanjita Noobz team could create a «downgrader" for the current firmware, version 3.40. New Games newer firmwares required so homebrew users had to choose between a fully functional PSP, or a crippled system that was compatible with newer games.

Custom firmware

Custom firmware replaces the official firmware of PSP, but not a permanent update. You can easily uninstall the custom firmware and back to official firmware if you like or do not want to stop using custom firmware.

Custom Firmware has all the official firmware from the characteristics by Sony, but also adds the ability to load homebrew PSP ISOs and PSX EBOOTs directly from the game menu in the XMB. So you can still play your original UMD discs, music and videos with custom firmware.

Custom Firmware also has to use an option, "No-UMD Mode» you can run your PSP ISOs without involving UMD. NP9660" mode A-UMD has the highest compatibility rate and almost all ISO games work with it.

If you PSP ISOs in the form of "DAX», will have to convert them to ISO or CSO files UMDGen custom firmware does not support the DAX format.

Your PSPs UMD Drive should be empty while upgrading / your PSP useless. If you see 'connect your PSP to your computer and make a USB connection, "turn your PSP, take the memory stick of your PSP and insert it into your memory card reader. If you see" on the USB- connect and disconnect your PSP from your computer include "Take the memory stick from your computer and insert it into your PSP and turn your PSP.

Known as Dark Alex A hacker developed an exciting solution. He designed a software package installed on a Psp firmware at 1:50, the user can install a hybrid firmware of your own design, welcome. In other words, a PSP with Dark custom firmware Alex's features and functionality of the standard Sony firmware, in addition to support for firmware version 1.50 based software. The firmware also came with something called "HEN», short for Homebrew Enabler. Developers can create software for the familiar 1:50 firmware or the new series 3.XX this way.

Dark Alex has continued custom firmwares refinement and compete with every major release from Sony. the latest stable firmware, M33 3.80, the latest version is even. In the past, the upgrade will Network Update works with the vanilla Sony firmware, removing homebrew functionality. But in M33 3,80, because personalized information new firmwares with Sony's own tool.

What are the new features of this custom firmware; This new custom firmware has all the features that the official firmware 1.4 a few extras. Many people wonder if it's worth installing it and my answer is YES. Installed 4.1 M33-2 custom firmware already on my phat PSP and have no error even met. Here are the instructions on how to install the new custom firmware on your PSP.

* A Fat PSP or PSP Slim is already installed with a custom firmware. At least 3:52 M33-4 custom firmware must be installed on your Fat PSP and 3.60 M33 for the slim.

* A fully charged battery. Transfer

* A USB cable from the computer files on the PSP.

* 4:01 M33-2 The installation package will be created for easy installation. Download the installation package 4:01 M33-2 and unzip on your computer.

Steps in 3 divided Please follow the instructions carefully:

Step A - Installing M33 custom firmware 4:01

1. Connect your PSP to the computer via the USB cable. Open the step a folder and copy the folder UPDATE ms0: / PSP / GAME /. After copying, disconnect the PSP from your computer.

2. Go to the XMB menu on your computer to the M33 Update 4:01 in Game> Memory Stick and run. When performing the update, the screen turns black. Follow the instructions. Will take you to the official Sony update screen.

3. The Sony Updater runs. Do not turn off your PSP or interrupt the update. After the update, you can press a button, you are prompted to restart again your PSP.

4. Congratulations, your PSP now installed with 4:01 M33 custom firmware.

Step B - Installation of M33 4:01

1. You can only do this if you are successful with Step A. Connect your PSP to your computer. For the memory stick, navigate to PSP / GAME and delete the update folder.

2. Open the folder STEP 2 on your computer and copy the folder UPDATE ms0: / PSP / GAME /. Turn off the PSP computer when finished.

3. On the XMB menu, scroll to Game> Memory Stick and update 04:01 M33-2 running.

4. After installation, you will return to the XMB screen.

5. Congratulations 4:01 M33-2 PSP.

Step C - 1:50 Core Installation Wizard add-on

1. The next steps will be instructions on how to add the 1.50 core in Fat PSP to install. Sorry slim owners.

2. Connect your PSP to your computer. Open Step C folder and then copy the file from your computer 150. PBP the root directory of the Memory Stick. And then copy 4XX folder from your computer to ms0: / PSP /.

3. Exit USB mode and on the XMB, go to Game> Memory Stick and then the program 1:50 add-on in kernel mode. Follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Congratulations. Place the homemade 1:50 to PSP / GAME150 folder.

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