The Benefits Of Soy Milk Consumption You Should Know

What's The Benefits Of Soy Milk Consumption?

Soy milk is actually made from soybean which is one type of plant. The first country that used to make soy milk was China. Soymilk currently consumed worldwide and replaces the use of regular milk for many people.

What is the nutritional value of soy milk?  


A class that is 250 ml, the soy milk has about 4 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein, which total 140 kcal. He has no lactose therein. From this milk for people with lactose intolerance is highly recommended.
People with lactose intolerance can not drink regular cow's milk, and it is the ideal replacement. The drawback is that the milk does not need a lot of calcium in it. For this reason, many manufacturers in the addition of milk calcium add compared to milk more normal value.

You can find soy milk purchase at any grocery store vegan or vegetarian products come. They also serve vegetarian restaurants. Vegetarians use it instead of cow's milk still get the benefits of milk. Vegans are generally much smaller sources of protein for soy is a great resource.

What I liked?

Various soy products have different taste. Soy is an acquired taste, because it has a rough texture and taste a little like a plant. That is why people generally do not simply recommend soy milk. Normally the most delicious are the vanilla and milk chocolate. But you must remember that flavored milk contain more sugar and therefore are not as healthy as regular milk.

Ecological advantages:

Use soy milk is much cheaper to raise than cattle. Cows need more food to produce milk. For developing countries, soybeans are a great resource.

There is a danger there, drink soy milk?

It is said that the risks say that milk is the very same soybean. To obtain edible soybeans, more dangerous actions, such as seeds in alkaline washing or boiling them in solutions based on oil.

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