The Disease Causes Fatty Foods

The Disease Causes Fatty Foods Like Diabetes and Hypertension

Fatty foods are the causes of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or Hiperkolestemia, removal or disruption of the blood vessels (atherosclerosis) of coronary artery disease, suffer from stomach ulcers, joint pain and inflammation due to kidney stones accumulation acid strand.

Obesity and poor nutrition (malnutrition) is one of the causes of fatty foods. Malnutrition or poor nutrition can cause damage to the pancreas, and obesity or overweight in the body may cause binding to cleavage of insulin or insulin.

Diabetes mellitus is Type 2 diabetes is not insulin dependent. They have fatty foods was known to many people that fatty foods with high risk or exposure can cause diabetes 2 to give disorder may be possible to produce more insulin.

Professor James Kazuaki Ohtsubo and Marth at the University of California Medical School at San Diego Medical Institute Howard Hughes (UCSD) and all your team can identify the genes that an enzyme called GN-4a glycosyltransferase (GnT-4a) beta pancreas cells stimulate blood sugar and insulin in normal and produce good condition.

Experts do with mice animal tests that show high levels of fat in the blood is to force the production of GnT-4a enzyme until the pancreas of type 2 diabetes, the beta cells produce a growth deficiency and insulin cause diabetes.

Fatty foods can also cause leg disease acid. The acid muscle is the result at the end of the purine metabolism. Purine is a particular food, the train can cause disease acid. Acid muscle in the body is produced in two ways.

The first is as a result of non-essential amino acids Division, glutamic acid and aspartic. Utilizing rare first part acid. Avoid fatty foods for people with ulcers. It can cause swollen stomach.

The ulcer patients are encouraged not to consume foods containing fats. Do ulcer patients during fasting to pray, you should avoid foods, the food is very sharp.

Other causes of fatty foods is hypertension. Hypertension can lead to disability or incapacity. Things on the causes of fatty foods often experienced by many people around the world.

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