Tips How To Play Backup Games Using Swap Magic On PS2

Tips How To Play Backup Games Using Swap Magic On PS2

Play games imported into PlayStation 2 console or the new Slim PS2 was almost impossible that a mod chip into your PS2 machine installation requires you to consider doing something that not everyone can or is willing.

The PS2 Mod Chip requires you to solder small wires to solder some places pretty small right on the main board (motherboard) of your PS2 console.

Playing import games was really hard core players and players who would be willing to some internal surgery to make their consoles ps2.

The Swap PS2 Magic changed all that. With the PS2 Swap Magic there is absolutely no need to solder anything or install any type of chip on the PS2 console.

In fact, unlike mod chips for the PlayStation 2 with the Swap Magic PS2 you will be ready to play your import game in just seconds.

By using the Swap Magic PS2 and Cover PS2, you can play your games imported and backup the PlayStation 2 without problems or problems immediately.

The Swap PS2 Magic Disc acts as charger for all import and personal backup games. Unlike a mod chip, where once installed, just put the game disc you want to play the latest import or backup game and login to start playing your PS2 console.

We have to do what's called a single swap with the PS2 Swap Magic discs. This means that only the Swap PS2 Magic Disc first presented before your game, and then replace after loaded magic swap for PS2.

The PS2 Swap Magic features speak for themselves and clearly show the need for a ps2 mod chip is eliminated completely, and there is no change for the PS2 console absolutely required to play their games of import and backup with ease.

PS2 Swap Magic - feature list:

No warranty void

Works with original import games

Discovering No modchip for the games

No change in the internal system

No additional charge for the laser lens

Soldering is not required - plug and play

Swap Magic 3 CD version for PS2 CD-R backups contain

Swap Magic DVD version PS2 DVD-R containing backups

Menu in many languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean

Compatible with DVDrips (632mb + CD-R backups) via TOC Refresh feature

Including selection Region PAL / NTSC integrated

Games start with the method of single exchange detailed below:

What is important to note that when you buy the PS2 Swap Magic, you have two sub really drives. It is clearly marked as a CD-ROM disc, which the other Swap Magic disc is the DVD.

The Swap PS2 Magic CD version is on the CD-based games (yes, some games PS2 - even your personal backup game that you did) you really need a CD-Rom application, if you need to use the PS2 replace load the game CD disc magic.

Most games, especially the younger ones, but require the use of Swap PS2 Magic DVD Disc. The Swap PS2 Magic offers players the opportunity to have their games of import and backup without the need to play a mod chip Playstation 2.

This causes the import games and import games on the installation much more affordable for people who they have the technical knowledge to install a mod chip into your PS2.

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