Tips How To Write Your Kindle Books Marketing?

Write Your Kindle Books Marketing

Began to rekindle your book was to promote good pages promoting revive and will be sent through your book, and hope that the information is published. You prepared the cover and Amazon your link and wait ... Description Amazon! You should really use the same description as in the book page on Amazon?

Definitely no.

Since advertising websites will cause the Google index. Whenever a website published ignite the same text over your book, gets a penalty from Google indexing scenario that keeps a copy.

The web traffic comes from Google search is a very important source of visits to these pages, which basically means that if you use the same text everywhere where potential search reader the book on Google a new book, your book has a chance appear high in the results.

According to the Kindle book marketing, because you need to write a new description?

Imagine that you are a Kindle reader who is looking for a new book. Look Kindle sites recommendation and find a good book. Admiring the cover, a description, and click a link to Amazon ... and find exactly the same text and image there.

How to write a description of the Kindle book to use to promote Kindle sites:

- Be brief, but not too close. Write something that makes a curious reader, and will welcome you in your book as a place where we have the answer.

- If you pay to promote the submission of a website stress Kindle books, Kindle because the book is good and interesting. When you submit the free Kindle Promo site as Freebiebooks, stress free viewing starting dates and the unique and short (in time) the opportunity to make your work free.

- Do not fill your description with many keywords. It should be read like a book feel.

- The reader is not your job do not buy if you have difficulty reading the description.

- Always say what makes your book different from others. Self-marketing is a slow and difficult process, but patience and consistently have a great opportunity in the long term to pay. Good luck!

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