Top Best 5 Ocean Cape Cod Seafood Restaurants

Ocean Cape Cod Seafood Restaurants 

Cape Cod, located in eastern Massachusetts, is a major goal of every summer tourists. Cape Cod is famous for its delicious seafood. Not surprisingly, there is a wide selection of seafood restaurants. Tourists faced with a dizzying array of options and have difficulty can help you find the best option for them. However, there are some restaurants, is head and shoulders above the rest.

Here are the top five ocean Cape Cod seafood restaurants:

5. Wimpy of

This colorful family restaurant that serves excellent fish dishes for over 15 years. It is designed to attract a wide range of visitors, from families with small children to young adults a night with friends. Wimpy is known for its delicious soup and Mediterranean swordfish.

4. Mac Shack

Located in the old colonial house, Mac Shack is known for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant has a variety of large fish Cape Cod and other popular coastal delicacies.

3. The Fish House Brewster

This unique restaurant is known for strong supervision between lovers fruits seafood. fish specialties daily and offers an impressive selection of fine wines. Brewster Fish House is one of the most elegant in the sea Cape Cod seafood restaurants and is known for its elegant style and the artistic presentations of food.

2. Roll

Known for its glorious shrimp, lobster and soup, eight more than three decades, is a major player in the sea scene fruits Cape Cod and has built a substantial clientele.

1. The Lobster Pot

This elite, award-winning property is the king of fish restaurants Cape Cod Sea. It has dining rooms near the sea, with beautiful views of the port and the Atlantic Ocean. The Lobster Pot has a very wide selection of seafood, and all data in it is lunch available. Famous clam chowder Tim's is known throughout New England. The Lobster Pot is the perfect combination of atmosphere and great seafood.

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