Understanding and Awareness Of Leukemia Symptoms

Understanding and Awareness Of Leukemia Symptoms ~ Leukemia is a type of blood cancer and bone marrow. The disease is characterized by an overproduction of immature blood cells (stem cells) are not fully developed in the state and carry out the normal activities of the blood cells.

Each type of mature blood cells have characteristics and specific roles in the body. WBCs or leukocytes play an important role in the immune system, helping to overcome infections. White blood cells help to cure even wounds and cuts. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin or red blood cells in the body is essential for oxygen transport. The red blood cells are crucial to the process of cellular respiration, carrying oxygen to cells and removing carbon dioxide from them. Leukemia refers to the accumulation and aggregation of the bone marrow stem cell patients level, which reduces the normal production of healthy blood cells. The lack of normal blood cells leads to the appearance of symptoms of leukemia. Importantly, though be understood that leukemia causes overproduction of white blood cells, these cells are immature and not replace normal blood cells. The most common symptoms of leukemia are anemia (insufficient number of red blood cells), risk bleeding (insufficient number of platelets in the blood), epistaxis, oral cavity bleeding, prone to bruising, high exposure to infections due to lack of white blood cells, improper healing.

Other symptoms of leukemia can cause fatigue, lack of concentration, poor mental performance, fever, loss of appetite and weight loss.

In the case of chronic leukemia, symptoms may include insomnia leukemia relieving migraine, impaired eyesight and hearing, loss of balance, fainting, and seizures. Sometimes people with leukemia have enlarged liver and spleen, causing abdominal swelling or enlarged lymph nodes. The glands of the body the body can be affected by leukemia.

The symptoms of leukemia are nonspecific in nature. Medical professionals are the only people who are able to distinguish leukemia from other diseases with similar symptoms. Blood analysis and careful examination of the body can reveal the presence of leukemia.

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