What Are The Side Effects in The Short Term Radiation Therapy?

The Side Effects in The Short Term Radiation Therapy ~ There are many unpleasant side effects of radiation therapy, some are long-term and temporary. A number of side effects will continue to be always with you, and leave some. The following two types of side effects of radiation therapy, and previous delay. Initial effects usually occur during and after treatment, and typically lasts for several weeks. This type of complication is often short term something like nausea or lethargy. Subsequent effects usually appear within a few years. These long-term side effects are often referred to in the lung or the cardiovascular system range.

Special considerations for children:

Choose health services to move radiation treatments for a 3-year-old. Practitioners do this because the mind of a child is usually still under development and are particularly at risk of side effects associated with radiation therapy. In children, the researchers found that radiation therapy in the physical side effects and physiological effects, social and educational, and the effect it can have.

Short-term side effects of radiotherapy:

Loss Probably the most common side effects of radiation therapy is certainly baldness. A second name for hair loss is alopecia. Hair loss is usually more important in the area where you can get the actual radiation treatment, but the truth is that you lose the hair on your head. A person usually have only sparse hair where they are treated. If it was cancer have no problem hair loss on your head. Hair loss is one of the first side effects that you can spend, and pretty quickly usually disappear. The good thing is that your hair grows back after treatment for good workmanship. Many people wear wigs, hats or scarves back until eventually your own hair.

Skin irritation:

A very common side effect of radiotherapy are the symptoms of the skin. The region may be red, itchy, dry, flaky be treated. Your skin reacts to many situations as if they had been burned. The skin can then look dark for a few months as possible unwanted early side and also a long time, causing late side effect. This will be developed when the radiation damage to healthy cells in the skin area to be treated. Radiotherapy can the development of moderate to severe lead traction in soft tissue associated with the skin. These small compounds glue to grow and when to recover the body from radiation therapy and surgery.

The dermis where the cancer is likely to turn inflamed, burned or irritated glance. Be kind to the skin and asking health professionals to provide a summary of what is available, to try to avoid and useful treatments, including ointments.


Another side effect of short-term radiotherapy is tiredness. Fatigue is when you're incredibly exhausted. Almost all people who are tired of using radiotherapy. This feeling incredibly tired can be minimized by frequent NAPs. Try to eat well, to minimize fatigue. Some other side effects (depending on the area addressed) are:

Loss of appetite caused by uncomfortable digestive system, leading to weight loss. Some people find that eating small amounts of crackers and add food supplement is appropriate. Reduce food craving causes fatigue and continue with a healthy diet is the key.

Other temporary side effects of radiation include diarrhea, throwing, swelling, difficulty eating and nausea. Every time you get nausea, feeling light headed. Your doctor can provide you with a list of meals, try to eat some foods that you should avoid. A sick stomach can cause vomiting. Excessive vomiting can lead to dehydration.

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