What Do You Think Amazon Kindle G3 Reviews in Here?

Amazon Kindle G3 Reviews in Here

With Amazon's Kindle, the Amazon solves all the negative aspects of older generations of e-readers, like rotations slow pages, chunky buttons plans and heavyweight.


There are two versions of the third-generation Amazon Kindle. The Wi-Fi Kindle costs $ 139, while the Wi-Fi Kindle 3G and has and will cost $ 189. The only 3G Kindle costs 2 above both. Remember that the third generation Kindle is not just a minor update to update improved screen or a color, as seen in the case of Kindle DX (Graphite). It should be noted that the new Kindle comes in two colors: eye-pleasing graphite (shown and the Kindle DX earlier this summer), and white Kindle. The screen has also been improved. Amazon Kindle now has a screen E-Ink Pearl just like the Kindle DX (Graphite). Like the Kindle DX (Graphite), see the text smoother and blacks are solid. Pearl screen also has a faster frame rates, which greatly improves the user experience (more on this later).


The Amazon Kindle aerodynamic design made it possible to shrink the reader by 21%.


The Amazon Kindle design is a pleasure to hold in your hand. This makes a really strong argument for the Kindle.

However, this review is to compare not only the third-generation Amazon Kindle iPad. The Kindle is a masterpiece in itself, and is the first time say that a pleasure, a reader handle Kindle e-Book to you. Also say that the Kindle is not the lightest e-reader on the market: This is an e-Book reader, which is a small ounce almost the Kobo eReader, which also has a 6-inch screen. Then the Bookeen Cybook Opus is with 5-inch screen, is even lighter at 5.3 ounces the same time, Barnes & Noble Nook (11,6 ounces for Nook Wi-Fi, 12,1 ounce for Nook Wi-Fi + 3G) is significantly heavier than the Amazon Kindle; And the new Kindle is 15 percent lighter than its predecessor 10.2 ounces.

Better planning

The new Kindle lighter and more compact design, the third generation Kindle also provides a more comfortable reading experience than previous models. The compact design, Amazon had to modernize and fully customize the buttons and new switches. This feature allows the Kindle is for users with the left hand and right hand. Buttons of the device, if used, positions seem very well thought out to be, comfortable and ergonomic.

A disadvantage of second-generation Kindle was that the side buttons on the front and back of the hand pressing on the display was therefore when pressed to hear a loud mechanical noise. The third generation of the Kindle now has buttons to hold the screen, and is much thinner than the style rocker button, which turns the edge of the device.


The navigation keys are also completely redesigned. They rearranged the previous page and Backspace keys are grouped plummeted: only one quarter inch. At the bottom of the keyboard, there is a button Home, and the navigation joystick Kindle 2 over a D-Pad as a very comfortable approach device with five way navigation square, oval Menu button and replaced back button below. If you use the Amazon Kindle, which is your fingers, the new device will find very convenient and easy to use. The buttons respond immediately, and the Amazon Kindle is very well maintained.

Since the keyboard keys are rounded and closer, it is much easier in this keyboard to type the second generation Kindle. Each key and the door (the on / off button and the volume rocker headphone jack, Micro-USB,) Amazon Kindle is now at the bottom, in a neat line. When you need to charge the battery, turns yellow.


The Amazon Kindle, unlike their predecessors, only complete pages breeze. Even very impatient people can be happy with the way the new Kindle turning the pages. The rotating wing is 20% faster, according to the Amazon. The second generation of Kindle was quite sensitive and slow, but must say that the slower eBook reader always the Kobo eReader was saw. There is only one place where noticed a delay: a Kindle bookstore. No matter the cause in this situation many times the book cover thumbnails are behind the page load the rest of the content was.


The electronic reading experience for Amazon's Kindle remained almost unchanged. But here added some cool new features of the Amazon. You can adjust the distance between the menu has changed (there are three options: small, medium and large), and you can and change the font (options combined, tactics and sans-serif fonts). These options can be accessed from the source button now. On the bottom line, between the bar area and the home button some other font options would be welcome, and the options could be presented to a sample of options for the text size and font displayed. It would also be nice if the Amazon to take this opportunity to begin to improve the speed and presentation of your bookstore. When shopping, it occurred to me that the reshuffle page is slower than. Elsewhere on the device this may be caused by the design of the Kindle book or 3G connection.

Like the Kindle DX (Graphite) and second-generation Kindle with updated firmware, the third-generation Kindle supports sharing passages via Twitter and Facebook. Supports popular attractions and display collections: produced by sharing passages Kindle users data together. This browser is still experimental, but developed from the second-generation Kindle. (The nearest approach today requires that you send a PDF to your Kindle device.)

More storage

The new Kindle has increased memory of 2 GB to 4 GB, which means it can store up to 3,500 books (the second generation Kindle could store only in 1500). The manufacturer also claims that the Kindle can work on a single charge for up to a month. For those who want an E-Ink screen lit up, the case of the Amazon solution can be a good choice. The leather bag retails for $ 60 on the hand feels good and has a pull smart retractable light that curves around and lights the screen up.

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