What is The Difference Between Tempered Glass VS Standard Review

Difference Between Tempered Glass VS Standard Review

Safety glass is processed differently than the standard type in such a way. All glazing types are prepared by mixing lime, sand and sodium carbonate and then melted at extremely high temperatures. The resulting liquid is poured on glass blowing, drawing or pressing. When the glass is formed, they are subjected to an annealing process where reheated and then cooled. The default type is cooled slowly as the temperate species cooled quickly. If the glass is cooled, it is resistant to withstand four times the normal pressure type. Furthermore, reacted differently breakage.

Tempered glass breaks into small pieces, which are integrally formed, represents less risk of injury to people who come into contact with them. Furthermore, standard glass breaks into large and sharp pieces of different shapes, so they can make the most harmful.

Caused the glass breakage model to the corresponding contact surface, a hole or a crack in one point, while the rest remains intact. Tempered glass is resistant to impact. Standard glass offers more safety because, even if a certain portion is broken pieces which remain intact.

Glass is resistant to heat and scratching, compared to untreated glass. But it looks like standard glass. After processing, the glass template may be cut to the desired size and the desired shape is pressed. A tempered again, the glass can not be changed. Any attempt at piercing or cutting can be completely broken.

Since glass is stronger and safer than normal glass, the template used for glass and auto glass doors. Form a glass two glass layers laminated safely fused together by a plastic film between them, resulting in a more durable glass. Laminated glass breaks when confronted with extreme situations of violence. However, he will not break.

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