What is Exposure To Nuclear Radiation?

Exposure To Nuclear Radiation ~ When a person radioactive energy is emitted by radioactive materials exposed, the exposure to radioactive radiation is known. A small dose of radiation exposure leads to nausea and vomiting. internal and external: The causes of exposure to radioactive rays can be divided into two parts. The radiation exposure is known as current when external sources of ionizing radiation outside the body of the organism exposed to radioactive radiation. Some very common examples of external exposure is when a person sealed radiation sources carries in his pocket ionizing an astronaut in cosmic ray exposure, a person suffering from cancer undergoing radiation therapy or brachytherapy. The internal radiation exposure occurs when radioactive material will enter the body and those received in the body.

Nuclear weapons and atomic bomb testing is a very complex source of exposure to nuclear radiation. A person who has been exposed to radioactive radiation nuclear test takes three types of burns, namely: burns, chemical burns beta range. Thermal burns caused by infrared radiation. Beta burns caused by ionizing beta radiation. These rays cause localized burns because low penetrating power and also have a small range. Gamma radiation emitted from radioactive sources have much effect and lead to whole body irradiation.

The first symptoms of radiation exposure are nausea and disorientation. However, the start time of these signals depends on the level of exposure. The effect of radiation on the body depletion of platelets that assist in clot formation. The radiation also causes damage to hair follicles; This in turn leads to a rapid loss of hair. If a person is exposed to a very high dose of radiation, the bone marrow and white blood cells will be damaged. This increases the risk of infection (bacteria, viruses and fungi).

The best way to minimize exposure to radiation is to minimize the amount of exposure. Increasing the distance of the radioactive source reduces the dose of radiation exposure. The dose is also directly proportional to the time during which the body is exposed. In the medical field, the radiation can be reduced by managing the exposure dose delivered to the patient.

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