What New Kindle App For The Kindle?

New Kindle App For The Kindle

Perhaps to compete in a move with the Apple iPad, Amazon released the Kindle Development Kit (KDK) for some time. The IRC provides creativity for developers to create applications that will be available later this year in the Kindle Store for shoppers. If you are interested in a developer, the owner of the Amazon project is 70%, and 30% goes to Amazon, the tradition net cost of $ 0.15 / MB. For buyers, active content will be priced in three ways:

Free - - less than 1 MB, consumes less than 100 KB / user / month of wireless data.

Shopping One-stop - paying customers even if the active content on the market. Less than 100 KB / user / month to use wireless in progress.

Sounds great, but some opinions eReader message boards do not reflect the feelings concerning applications for the Kindle. It's true that the Kindle users consider yourself part of a proud team. The Kindle offers a unique way to high-tech copies of the book experience. Some Kindle users are not interested in technology that comes into contact with the reading experience. Because they have other devices such as mobile phones and computers, can satisfy your needs with applications. You want to just let your Kindle.

There are two negative things about the Kindle application:

1. Applications may not be as exciting with grayscale E-Ink shades.

2. The Kindle is valued for its exceptional duration of battery life.

To compete with the tablet technology, browse the Kindle designer for the next best thing to winning the rest. ADC is a method of cooperation between developers using the Kindle for personal use and the Amazon. It will be very interesting to see how the community applications in Kindle Store for Kindle responding. A message to all users of the Kindle not want a ticker eBay for Kindle: you do not need to download!

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