What's Best Chocolate Company And Brands Of Organic Chocolates?

Brands Of Organic Chocolates ~ Getting to know Fairtrade companies and certified organic chocolate. Today, there are more commercial chocolate companies and chocolate organic ingredient brands than ever before. We have collected a long list of organic chocolates and brands of organic chocolate of the highest quality, ethically healthy and most popular.

Change Eco
With certified Fair Trade products and Fairtrade and Fair Trade certificates, Organic Sugar, Nuts, Raisins and Coffee Bean Chocolate are Alter Eco, even with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, chemical additives or emulsifiers.

Organic Dagoba

The belief in Dagoba organic chocolate to chocolate as holy food (Dagoba means temple in Sanskrit) from organic cocoa beans from different countries, including the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Peru.

Divine chocolate

Divine Chocolate is run by farmers and works with small cocoa producers, especially in West Africa, to promote ethical business practices. The company invests in construction schools, dig well, mobile medical units, to develop and promote projects for women to create income.

Endangered species

The endangered chocolates emphasized principles such as respect for life and ethical trade.

Same parts

In collaboration with three different farmer cooperatives in the Dominican Republic, Organic Equal Exchange Chocolate products are an ecological and fair trade. The company also produces tea, snacks and coffee.

Green and black

The "green" principles of organic chocolate production and the "black" of a decadent life combine the taste and sustainable of Green & Black. Choose only organic and fair trade chocolate ingredients.

brands of organic dark chocolate

Grenada chocolate company

Grenada Chocolate Company, certified organic cocoa beans are not enough, they buy, they should grow their own beans. When working with organic farmers' cooperatives, the beans grow and use the equipment with solar energy to make chocolate.

Ithaca Fine Chocolates

The Ithaca luxury chocolates, the goal is the exquisite production of chocolate, which is also a certified fair (methods with Swiss chocolate). Buy only organic ingredients certified by the USDA.

Newman's own organics

Founded by Paul Newman, Newman's Own Organics, the company carries the Chocolate Signature Series, USDA certified, organic and made from ingredients produced in Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

Seeds of change

The project, seeds to open the pollination of organic farmers and gardeners in the world, the seeds of change produces some organic food and recently a chocolate bar made of cocoa, fruits, nuts and spices from around the world.

Organic chocolate, sweet country

Organic chocolate in California is a sweet country through the organization of Organic Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

Terra Nostra Bio

A company based in Vancouver, Canada, Terra Nostra Organic Chocolate is certified organic and has an excellent taste and rich familiar surface. 

Old plantations 

With the stamp of the Rainforest Alliance, Vintage Plantation Chocolate, Ecuadorian Cocoa, you know it's eco-friendly and ethically marketed.

Know where to buy fair trade chocolate

Now that you know what chocolate is, just highlight the organic chocolate and brands to search for companies that need help to know where to buy organic chocolate and fair trade (some artisans and producers sell their products not online).

To help you, here are some tools that will help you to know where to buy organic and ethical chocolate:

Global Exchange has a wide range of Fair Trade Certified products, including chocolate, coffee, tea, crafts, clothing, jewelry and more.

Chocolate room with organic and fair trade chocolate bars.

You can find a chocolate shop directly connected to Fair Chocolate Vintage Plantations around the world.

Choose to give chocolate as a gift on earth

All year to buy are popular events for chocolate as a gift.

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