Why The Beauty Of Hair is Not in A Box

The Beauty Of Hair is Not in A Box

We have all seen the ads that advertise in color products in home dryers and aisles and aisles of boxed hair color in a pharmacy or supermarket. What many people do not know is that the box color negatives outweigh the largely positive.

Many companies hair color not only generate cash color also produce professional color hairdressers, customers use. Many companies have colors different ingredients they use. The lower quality products are usually what you will find in transition hair color. Then sell the best hair color for permission professionals who are experts in their field. As a hairdresser, curling many new customers that come into my salon with hair with plenty of dry color your own hair. Many heads of hair every week and texture that creates the color box is unpleasant. The hair does not shine and removes moisture from the hair. Most people who use the framework of the color does not use professional styling products, it may be, will do more damage in the frame color, if you do not use any product.

The application of hair color box is not an easy task. While the instructions are detailed, it is difficult for people to apply the color to your own hair. This leads to stains caused by the illegal application, hair color coating (which is very harmful) and a dirty bathroom. All this can be avoided if you visit a professional or if you can convince a family member to apply your chosen color.

When you walk through the color of the corridor hair and see the hundreds of boxes with all the different colors in the box, how do you know what color to choose? Most people get the window that has the most attractive color front and decide what is the best color will be on your hair. We have all heard the colors of the nightmare stories that people said "my green hair done" Or: "It was much darker than the picture!" When clients sit in the chair of a human hair, there are many factors that the designer considered when choosing to use what color to customers hair. Some of these factors are: ash, the integrity of the hair, the tone of the customer's skin and eye color, as is often the sun, your lifestyle, the natural color of hair and the existing hair color (which is not always the same that natural) hair color), and many other issues will be discussed in a query. Professional beauticians spend their entire careers trying to improve the color process. When customer color mix go use any color and the same.

Head over Even if you go with a solid color look, mix different colors together and sometimes even use a color from the root and another color than the edges. So, if a customer to the next color of the hair in the beauty area, buy a color and is often not the right color for them. Another reason for the final appearance of the box color is not very attractive, how dull color. Drag tends permanent color scalp looks dull the hair ends and muddy do with little or no gloss. Moreover, all the color box, which says is "semi-permanent" probably not. If the color is bad, will dark or prove unprofitable, a small selection in the beauty aisle need to fix it, and if there are many possibilities, many people will not know which option to choose.

The next time you see a celebrity endorsement a color that you can buy at the pharmacy, remember that they have personal stylists who may not have the color that will touch her hair. Celebrity hair always looks nice and bright. This is not achieved with cased color. If you really want multidimensional beautiful color, call a professional. Your hair will thank you.

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