As Unlimited Enjoy Kindle Books On The Market

As Unlimited Enjoy Kindle Books On The Market ~ If you are an experienced writer has accumulated sales and new readers, or simply your toes in the vast waters of self-publishing diving industry, the thought of books available through unrestricted Kindle (KU) has no doubt crossed of the spirit.

What is the Kindle Unlimited?

Although not yet know the Kindle Unlimited, a subscription service offered by Amazon is that for a small monthly charge reader (Prime Minister and others) access to your entire inventory of KU books.

With less than $ 10 per month, it is easy to see why Kindle Unlimited gained a reputation as the books!

But wait a minute ... $ 10 per month for unlimited access to all of your books?

The advantages and disadvantages of the use KU vs. With a wider distribution

There are many advantages and disadvantages that go along with the further spread options KU vs use, or the opposite.


Increases the range of your books - Amazon has a market share of at least 50% in the US and UK when it comes to selling digital books. You presented your books at Amazon increases the likelihood that they will be found and read by many people.

You can access e-commerce tools Amazon - to make the Amazon group, the consumer champion is to buy, and this is not different when selling digital books.

With KU program, you can gain access to exclusive promotional tools, such as counting their Kindle books accounts and promotion of Free, which help increase your readers and to start new tracks to success.

You can earn the rights to everything Reading page - Unlike sales of traditional books, when a customer buys your book and you will receive a single payment, with writers KU will read a small license fee for each page of each book paid.


Exclusivity your title with KU - you read that right. If you decide to promote a book with unlimited Kindle, you can not promote this element elsewhere.

Low potential gains - If you are Unlimited program at the top percentile of book publishing on Kindle, we should not expect heavy checks to receive rights.

The vast majority of self - published authors believe that the probability of profit of capital is much higher in other platforms, compared with KU.

The answer: yes and no, depending on your marketing strategy.

How to use KU more books for sale?

We have already mentioned that Amazon has most of the digital book market, but something you may not know is that your customers are not common KY reader.

The average person who signs up for a subscription service and unlimited Kindle best described a word used: greedy!

Who else is an unlimited supply of books each month to register? Some examples are free samples at wholesale club level, free trial software and free content presented has shown to get new subscribers to lists via email.

It is surprising that this strategy works amazingly well eBooks for sale as well, especially if they are newer to the game and not make a name among readers.

If you see the Kindle Unlimited as a springboard to start on career self-publishing a real asset to be. If you are already known and enjoys profitable sales of Kindle digital books Unlimited is not an essential element in the development of your readers (although it can not hurt).

Lindsay Buroker, a writer earn a full time income for their work, they give 85-90% of their income to use the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Kindle and open platforms. In contrast, other book titles in seven alternative platforms with the remaining 10-15% can bring.

While Amazon most readers, you have millions of readers on other platforms, such as Apple, iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and more to lose.

For this reason, never use a single strategy, distribution and promotion, recommended. Instead, they focus KU to win and promote the involvement and new readers with some of the best books that Amazon can only offer and put the rest of his books for sale on any platform and produce any form, sales and profits for your project.

While unlimited Kindle for each author is not a good fit, it is done in the investigation deserves a book design multiple strategies marketing.

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