Bacteria Aquarium Fish Diseases

Bacteria Aquarium Fish Diseases ~ There are many diseases that can affect the fish in your aquarium. Most diseases can be arrayed into four main categories; Bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. Common diseases of aquarium fish, the focus in this article are bacterial. Remember that the first step of a disease in the aquarium in the game is to observe your fish on a daily basis for any signs of illness or irregular behavior. If an aquarium disease is detected, it should take immediate action to improve the chances of fish to make a full recovery.

Fin rot is probably one of the most common bacterial infections that occur in fishes. The main cause of fin rot is poor water quality. There are many drugs which specifically for end rot can store in your pet buy rot. You also want to do frequent water changes to improve water quality.

Guppies other fish considered live support is particularly sensitive to another bacterial disease called mouth fungus. The most obvious symptom that the fish suffers from the fungus in the mouth is that cotton appear as an increase in the mouth. This growth will prevent the fish from eating so you also notice weight loss. If treated quickly with an antibiotic mouth fungus is not fatal bathroom. Are you also perform partial water changes of your aquarium.

Vibriosis in fish can be rapidly fatal and spread quickly in the aquarium. There are several signs of infection, the body reddening, discoloration and abdomen and swollen eyes. It is extremely important that if you notice these symptoms to remove the infected fish in a quarantine tank as soon as possible to prevent the spread of infection to other fish. One must protect the other fish in the aquarium bacterial disease. Complete change of water and the water to be treated with antibiotics.

The last bacterial disease to be discussed that has no treatment is piscine tuberculosis. It is a weight loss and color in your aquarium fish. Fish eyes may be abnormally enlarged body. This affects the respiratory system of fish and is highly contagious and deadly. The only treatment is the separation of all fish in individual quarantine tanks and observe. The best cure for any disease that can affect your aquarium fish is prevention. Watch your fish regularly and act on signs of disease quickly you can keep your fish happy and healthy and avoid any catastrophes.

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