Reviews of Cone Beam CT Radiotherapy in Here

Cone Beam CT Radiotherapy ~ The cone beam technology first developed radiation with mega trend. This gave the patient obviously a much higher dose, and the resulting images were relatively weak. Recognized the advantages capable of 3D volume was to build and develop manufacturers, the CT cone beam kilovolt (kV-conical beam). This can be used for adaptive radiation therapy (ART) to generate a pattern corresponding, for example, the volume of the bladder during treatment. The RMH Sutton writes an article (not published) ART bubble. Produce three designs for each step hospitalization 2-3 different sizes of bubbles.

Then build a CT scan of the cone beam patient before treatment for each fraction of phase treatment plan 2. Researchers wrote about how they are cone beam CT adjust their plans. predict For patients with prostate cancer, the CT passing cone using data obtained during the first week of treatment, wherein the prostate is likely to be in relation to the bony anatomy is 2. A problem of the phase should to know the movement of gas in the rectum, which could adversely affect the quality of CT images cone. This limitation highlights the relatively slow time of purchase, but also presents problems with intra-fraction motion. Some centers use laxatives regularly during patient radiation therapy and still show the movement affects the rectum, within the Position fractional prostate.

Clinicians have looked back cones CT clay ray images taken during the patient's treatment, and used a method behind isodose plans for each key area for calculation. This meant that they were able to calculate the difference between the dose that medical staff had thought that the patient has received, and the dose received by the patient. Given the volatility of organ motion, relatively large margins continue to be used, and this limits the internal dose escalation options. Some therefore concluded that cone beam ray kV suitable for the position of the prostate, but indicates that the ultrasound should be used to confirm the prostate position daily.

One of the main problems encountered when scanning kV cone-beam, has gotten only 45-60 seconds. Figs kV-ray cone beam modern machines produce images suitable for clinical applications.

Diagnostic assays have always assumed that the patient provides a relatively high radiation dose. Over the years there has been in clinical routine and manufacturers have clinical scientists have developed new methods for reducing scan predose. These technologies have not yet been applied in kV-conical beam. Doctors used a variety of simple methods and were able to reduce the dose of a standard mind 30mGy 45mGy. The radiation received in relation to that caused by the treatment, the dose of kV DVT is low, but it should not be used as an excuse to reduce the dose of kV-conical beam.

That about cone beam CT radiotherapy, greeting healthy.

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