What is A Kindle App For The iPad?

A Kindle App For The iPad ~ The BlackBerry users satisfied with the Kindle for BlackBerry App newly released, and it is good news, but some have forgotten one sentence in the press release. From the press release, here the second row is the first paragraph:

"Whispersync Amazon shopping technology and syncs bookmarks from a client for the Kindle, the Kindle DX, the iPhone, the touch iPod, PC, BlackBerry and soon, Mac and iPad, so customers always have with them the material reading them and never lose your place."

It should be noted that from the press expressed the view that Amazon and Apple are business partners in the market. Amazon and Apple really cooperate is a force that can not be mistaken. The Kindle application for the iPhone and Stanza app from Amazon are popular purchases at Apple Store for iPhone and iPod owners. Amazon Kindle Store has 90% of e-book sales, combining these two companies dominate the market.

Here is a future prediction:

While the iPad owners can read books on your shiny new gadget, do not spend a lot of time to read books. The reason is that the iPad is a multi-function gadget to go to a different type of consumer that will be shipped with other tasks your time. Conclusion: they do not buy much iBookstore books.

With this program, Amazon will continue to hold firmly to the e-book market from 80% to 90% of sales. The iPad will not be a competitor in this market despite the huge sales in the future. iPad owners will be easier to download the Kindle iPad and read Kindle books. Amazon may see a slight decline in sales of magazines and newspapers, but really, now sell much?

It's fun to speculate, but in a nutshell, Amazon and Apple is in business to make not only money, but also to obtain their views.

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