What's About The Gamecube?

What's About The Gamecube? ~ The Nintendo GameCube was released as the last console in the same generation as the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The Gamecube developed to be a console that more social than any other in the current generation. Despite the fact that it can bring direct console connection, and play with your friends is still a ridiculously difficult task was, was the actual shape, the compact and lighter than the Xbox or PlayStation 2 Nintendo Gamecube could easily be identified by the handle at the back, and easily packed away in lugguage someone.

The games for GameCube also published in classic fashion nintendo, more fun and accessible for those who were made specifically for the Xbox or the PlayStation 2. Metroid Prime, a new version of the classic series, which the main character Samus Aran Discover a place planet full of enemies and bosses. All Metroid Prime game hit an instant hit with fans of the series and newcomers who loved beautiful graphics and well-designed environments.

The Pikmin was a new and challenging game that players will have to collect the parts of the ship, the inhabitants of the planet, which the administration fell. This game was incredibly popular and difficult at the same time, many players attracts the respective other their respective supports the Gamecube.

Finally it was another title entry for the Gamecube The Legend of Zelda Windwaker. The game was so popular that the Legend of Zelda The Windwaker HD is designed for the Nintendo Wii U, a console two generations ahead of Nintendo Gamecube.

The main aspect of Gamecube, which had become so popular as the expected release of Resident Evil 4. Capcom, creator of the Resident Evil series, made a deal with Nintendo to start the game on Gamecube before any other console. After the game, the release due to completely different game a great success that the players were. Due to an exclusive Gamecube a Gamecube game became known, and many of them are what the island was all. But more than anything else Gamecube was to be an affordable console that people could pick up and play your favorite games, regardless of age or experience with game consoles.

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