What's Discover The Beauty Of Myanmar?

Discover The Beauty Of Myanmar ~ The beautiful country of Myanmar in 3Sudeste Asia formerly known as Burma. Direct flights are served by the international airport in Yangon from cities such as Taipei, Calcutta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok to name a few.


Myanmar celebrates different festivals throughout the year in addition to a long history and culture. The most popular are:

1. Hot Air Balloon Festival
2. Yadana Gu Festival
3. Taung Byone Festival (Nat PWE)
4. Waterproof
5. Shwe Mann Settaw Pagoda Festival
6. Kakku Pagoda Festival
7. Shwedagon Pagoda Festival
8. Mahamuni Pagoda Festival
9. Htamane Festival
10. Naga New Year Festival
11. Ananda Pagoda Festival
12. Manaw Festival

A beautiful flower earth:

One of the natural gifts of Myanmar is beautiful collection of flowers. Tourists love the beautiful and bright flowers as Myanmar blessed with a temperate climate. Myanmar have different kinds of flowers and a wide variety. Unlike other countries, the flowers are much cheaper in Myanmar, apart from its beauty and attractiveness. Flowers range from tropical flowers like orchids exotic flowers of all colors and unique shapes.

The flowers are often sold in outdoor markets outside of the pavement in the domestic market and shops. These flowers are sold in many forms and types of packaging, such as special packaging for the seats, beds, baskets or bouquets, according to customer requirements. Be aware that most of the flowers are seasonal in nature.

1. Suupan, Letpan and Pauklay: January-February
2. Kwar Nyo December
3. Gamon and Thazin: November and December
4. Shwayn, Pyi and Kawae: October and November
5. Konkamun: September-October
6. Yinmar: August and September
7. Rose and Ponenyet: June and July
8. Chayar, Sagawar and Sagar: April and May
9. Zalat, Swetaw, Gangtaw and Padauk: March and April

Other attractions:

Yangon, the former capital as a huge park with colonial buildings, ancient pagodas, natural lakes and ponds. Yangon is the largest city and largest of Myanmar with a population of over 4 million. Foreign travelers are easier to turn in Yangon, as the US dollar from the accepted most taxi. currently Naypyidaw is the capital. you should also visit the famous pagoda fee Shwedagon Paya, which is decorated with 1,200 gold leaf and diamond and weighs over 60 tons of amazing.

Make a lasting impression on all tourists did the ancient cities of Mandalay, Bagan and Bago with the remains of the giant statues, crumbling walls and hundreds of temples. Interestingly, Myanmar has over 2000 pagodas and therefore known as the "Land of Golden Pagodas".

Burma is also the country that new business opportunities are emerging. More and more Western companies that now is the right time to start a business in Myanmar.

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