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The world needs no introduction to the rivalry between iOS and Android smartphones. While the applications and functions provided Android and iOS operating systems are very different, but most affected strongly the basis for smartphone customers with each new version of this giant. While iOS devices known to modern their high-end smartphones, the Android operating system has made it possible for people in a series of affordable advanced technologies accessible to everyone.

With the release of Android L and iOS 8 next fall this rivalry will be re-launched and the famous war between the two certainly will thrive.

In view of this ongoing rivalry, how can we stop comparisons between Android L and iOS 8; Without wasting more time, let's take a look at L undertake Android (running on Nexus 5) and iOS 8 (running on iPhone 5S).

Lock screen and home screen

Taking a look in the Android L lock screen, some commendable changes passed. Previously, we had the top of the screen to read the messages to move down, but now we can see the alerts in the middle of the screen. This feature seems kind, should be approved by the iOS. During a presentation in iOS 8 can be used to respond to an email, or to mark as read.

These functions are good for both Android L is justified on the iOS 8

On iOS devices, light notification will be for quite a long time, so that the user can read the message and the communication of Android L Light RGB deleted. Moreover, there are locks screen shorthand for this application on the phone to Android L, which is not in iOS 8. However, the camera application is locked to the screen of Android L and iOS 8.

Interestingly, the iOS 8 has room for third-party widgets in the notification area, and as a consumer, no such requirement in Android L., will future of Android L. users simply amaze the Notifications IOS pull down 8 users can use this widgets TPA.

Undoubtedly, the initial screen of Android L and iOS 8 was held similarly to previous versions. Android L is a good choice for people who are their smartphones and iOS 8 can adjust human ideals that want custom look but with a touch of simplicity.

Contacts, keypad, indicators

The keyboard for the Android L has changed little, but the whole is no different than a normal keyboard earlier used on Android devices. All functions, such as automatic correction, emoticons and word prediction is an important part of Android L. But Apple effectively predict some remarkable words in iOS 8. The Android Phone Phone App suffered some commendable changes. Meanwhile, contacts and last option to search the top. On the other hand, no change was in the phone application in iOS 8, did something that is understandable. In Android L, the contact list is small than before, with small gaps between each contact and a small image profile.

Multitasking, notification window Quick Controls

The Android L has a commendable job list, messages according to their priority. For example, all e-mails are now on top, and updates the lower side. However, Apple has a more organized way and throw the Notifications downwards obtained also show weather and daily user programming. The messages are separated now, and the order in which they are listed, you can place the input device settings to be changed.

As before, a Quick Control menu in the pull-down Android panels L. The new design is definitely a plus, is added together with the brightness control and a generator to adjust the screen orientation. In similar fashion, the Quick Control menu in iOS 8 is also loaded with commendable characteristics.

Camera and Gallery

In Android L, the Google Camera app will be used as usual. You can access this app from the Play Store. The camera features will be built in Android L to meet every single user. On the other hand, iOS 8 camera has certainly raise some good features. Time recording video, the focus control, self-timer and independent screen are just some of the features of iOS 8.

In Android L, allows us to see the photos, the photos application. There are two separate tabs for managing photos, screenshots and all the photos. Similarly, iOS 8 organizes your photos by date and time. The editing features in iOS 8 is definitely less compared to Android L, but the simplicity and ease of use is something to enjoy in any case.

It is entirely the user to decide which smartphone to invest in knives, to be the latest trends in search, Android, and Apple again.

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