Bowflex Revolution of Space for Your Living Room

Bowflex Revolution of Space for Your Living Room

For those who visited the gyms, the "Nautilus" name is known. The machines are a common part of the most modern gyms, and have since their introduction in early '80 Bowflex home gym is part of the Nautilus, and the last entry in this market is the return of bowflex, a compact camera and relatively easy gym designed as all-in-one device for home use.

What makes the unique Bowflex Revolution, is the new Spiraflex patented technology, originally developed for use in space, where resistance to traditional weight does not work.

Most Nautilus machines based on heavy plates adjustable weight that a place to sit in the machine for a commercial gym with plenty of space and well documented.

However Gyms house should be more flexible, since the machines are often moved from one place to another, and the weight of the mass would be too much for both your back and your floors.

The first idea to overcome this limitation was Rod feed system of the foregoing Bowflex models. This is a plastic rod with a variable thickness, the user will flex the machine pulley to provide resistance.

A great idea for your home, because the stems are light. However, the machines require a little space because the managers, when bent, need room to move. Spiraflex The new technology also overcomes this limitation through a disc system introduced.

Looking much like normal weight plates, the strength of the Bowflex revolution with a rubber band wrapped on the plate, which are continuously under tension. Pulling the film through a pipeline and accepts, the muscles must exert a force to unwind the ribbon.

This means that the voltage is constant, and the muscles have to work so hard in the entire range of motion. While Reeds power, the stress is more intense when the rod is completely folded, and relieved gradually as the axle straightening.

Many users free weight permit "CAAM" weights on the way back to form to let gravity help the movement. By Spiraflex technology tension does not release until the film is completely rewound.

The other big advantage of Spira Flex technology is that the plates are very easy, while still move heavy weights equivalent education. Free weight enthusiasts will be familiar with the effect of load weight plates at the bar, which can sometimes be a bit of a workout in itself.

With Spiraflex your muscles a chance to rest between exercises, where the weight of the plates is negligible when resizing. Intelligent design, a flexible unit that make it easier to reach your fitness goals is to achieve for your own personalized site does.

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