Delicious Recipe Cranberry Sauce

Delicious Recipe Cranberry Sauce

Not only are great anti-oxidants cranberries for the body and very low in calories, but also help to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, prevent, with the help of some cancers, lower blood pressure and improve the functioning of immune system.

Many advantages exist, so in addition to a cranberry extract extract regularly, here are getting a healthy meal a fun and delicious way a good offer from cranberries page. This recipe given by my father, who is always responsible for making this delicious dish.

Follow this delicious recipe cranberry sauce as described below, and you will have a wonderful dish at the end. And because the local supermarket is fully equipped from cranberries this time of year, here's your chance, delicious cranberry sauce from scratch to make freshly picked cranberries this recipe for re-ordering. Just make sure to put them in a freezer bag and prevent it firmly close to burn freezer.

A delicious cranberry sauce recipe

Equipment requirements

- Casserole medium Stove
- Wooden spoon
- Sharp cutting knife

List of ingredients

About 6-8 parts

- 1 12 oz bag cranberries
- 1/4 cup white sugar
- 1/4 cup Triple Sec liqueur
- 1 apple
- 1 orange
- 1 cup water

Preparation time

- 5 minutes

Baking time

- 15 minutes


1) To a medium saucepan 1 cup hot water along with 1/4 cup of white sugar. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon.

2) If so, carefully apple (without skin) and orange (peel), cut into small cubes.

3) Since the sugar-water boils, add a total of 12 Oz. Cranberries bag with apples diced, orange and 1/4 cup Triple Sec liqueur.

4) Once the mixture boil simmer further reduction stirring every few minutes. You can find some cranberries, which require little mashed side of the back of the wooden spoon.

5) When the sauce thickens and is no longer cranberry pieces, is too much to do. Total baking time is about 15 minutes.

Hope you enjoy and share this delicious sauce recipe Cranberry with family and friends!

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