Future Projects Skateboards Style

What will be the future of design and skateboards; If skateboard, must be suspended as tables and work, then chances are that it is a little different than we are accustomed. We also know that the hovercraft blowing air under low pressure from one to two pounds per square inch. All future boards suspended work should take all this into account. The mechanism that blows air also takes place and that will be part of the interior of the plate. Our drawings 4-5 inches long and 2 inches below the plate. Moreover, hovercraft need some air, and therefore the Management Board should be designed for the air as it moves forward with a series of balls and slats, the air inside redirect aid of the engine.

Causes very limited airflow that the control panel does not work very well. The Board should also be a spoiler airflow system does not need empty, sometimes as hover crafts.

The project will allow the hoverboard lift enough to create normal aerodynamic theory of wings to support the weight of the front fly five times. A shaped wing with side gates to be incorporated in the drawings.

No air stream can be wasted, and thus the air is blown down to be reused by a number of strategies embodiments, in order along the aerodynamic structures of the body to force the air back hoverboard.

The goal is to build a hoverboard that can go on and close to the board table like a hockey puck; Very fast and flexible. Then use that speed to the height of the wind in relation strategies and use distraction maneuvers and tricks, jumps and clean objects. The bull by the horns, also use the driver and the angle of attack strategies.

If the pilot decides to slow or directions, so just will deliver to the Board when and use it to slow down and change direction. During this flight, the transition of the airflow should be from the bottom of the hoverboard, arrested and diverted back through the turbines and not fight, so that the pilot zoom and in the other direction.

The futuristic design is very cool looking and like nothing you've seen before.

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