History and Secret Behind Green Tea

History and Secret Behind Green Tea ~ Now, the story of how they have tea, and other forms, such as green tea, have been discovered, they are not so different. Apparently a Chinese farmer, a little water under a Camellia Sinensis tree cooking, took a short nap. Some dried leaves in boiling water and poured a wonderful aroma. The farmer woke up, took a sip, and voila! The first cup of tea prepared!

The Truth About Coffee

However, the truth is that they drink tea in southwest China has emerged and became popular during the reign of the Tang Dynasty. The consumption of tea has spread to other East Asian countries and the Portuguese priest visited the habit in sixteenth century Europe. Research shows that tea is native to the north and east of India for many centuries. Devoted tea drinkers from using this drink Ramayana dating consists Sanjivini herb mentioned, it could be really was the tea. Some more history and argue that Soma, the divine drink that inspires wise thoughts in ancient India, was actually tea.

Whatever the story, all kinds of tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. The terminal bud and two young leaves of tea plants are usually harvested in early spring and early summer.

Variety is the life of the cup

Teas is the result of different growth conditions, geography and types of treatment.

Black Tea: The characteristic dark color of these teas because they were allowed to undergo complete oxidation. The flavors are distinct and strong caffeine content is comparatively high. Some is an old black tea from China with medicinal properties and an earthy flavor.

Black Tea: This guy is in Hunan and Sichuan provinces of China. They will undergo a fermentation process and has a soft touch, naturally sweet. It contains an organism called Golden Flowers for these microbial fermentation.

Green tea is allowed to wither and only partially oxidized, and therefore less caffeine produced at lower temperatures. These teas, with aromas and bouquets and notes are an expert joy.

Oolong tea is partially oxidized and has a caffeine content between black and green varieties. Characterized by the smell of fresh flowers and fruits.

White tea undergoes manual processing of the youngest shoots and no oxidation.

Organic Green Tea

India is the second largest tea producer in the world and is known for Darjeeling and Assam teas. The plant is grown in cool slopes, Mountain India is the largest consumer in the world of tea and the biggest exporter. Traditional tea farming methods have improved. The new mantra is organic green tea and other teas Georgia. It combines tradition, innovation and science to great use. Agriculture based chemical threatens human health: cancer, allergies, respiratory diseases, kidney disease, irritation of the skin and eyes can be placed in this port. The environmental damage is permanent and catastrophic.

Go Green - sets good cup health

Take a whiff of ancient Chinese culture, where green tea is consumed as a remedy for many health benefits of.

Tea contains antioxidants that improve heart health - green tea and more.

It is an anti-allergen: Tea contains polyphenols and flavanols help relieve allergic reactions. Organic green tea can help suppress appetite and make a safe weight loss aid. It is a good anti-inflammatory and reduces inflammatory reactions in our body. Doctors linked to many inflammatory diseases - depression, metabolic syndrome, water retention and arthritis are just a few.

Green tea can be made shorter periods to reduce the low caffeine content. It is great for the skin and the release of toxins hair and improve skin elasticity. Catechins, natural antioxidants which regulate hormonal imbalances and control acne.

For facial rejuvenation package, empty the contents of two green tea bags used in a bowl.

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