Hoverboards Original with or without Wheels

Hoverboards Original with or without Wheels ~ Everyone knows that the skateboards have wheels and can you guess that floats plates do not need wheels; Or is it? If you can build a hoverboard on wheels, so it will make it easier for the landing, but will not do much aerodynamics and adds weight. When hovering a card loses air down or cushion their country, settling on Earth then, when it touches the very fast ground and the country is experiencing pad, then the driver should stop, she met a rock on the sidewalk wheels stopped, this will distract the driver's attention and can injury or worse to hurt the pride of the driver's lead. Generally, skateboard riders have the flexibility to keep injuries from small strokes.

So the question is the future councils should be suspended wheels or no wheels? Because the adoption process early technology involved, it may be wise wheels for the first swinging tables and people to sell the ease of transition. While this way (add wheels to the first production) Performance will float on the board and to reduce the chance of lost enthusiasm for the pilot.

It makes sense if we continue to hover boards skate market, should take full account of the «WOW» for the driver, if we do not skateboard current timber for this new technology. We will examine and snowboarding than skiing and snowboard, as the final voltage exceeds skiing and revolutionized the sport.

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