How to DirectX 11 Upgrade It?

Along with Windows 7 on board, in October this year, Microsoft will officially represent the latest version of DirectX also started. It is not only designed for Windows 7 DirectX 11 can be installed by users with Vista Service Pack 2 installed. DirectX 11 claimed many advantages and new features called DirectCompute (GPGPU) and bring tessellation. But, unfortunately for users of XP, DirectX 11 it will no longer be supported in the old operating system.

To use all of these latest features of DirectX in full screen, you need a graphics card with DirectX 11. AMD based introduce new provider first line Radeon 5800. NVIDIA series will be a little late this time is not mentioned nVIDIA yet ready offering GT300 series with the first quarter of 2010 for you to still use DirectX 10 or 10.1-cards can be some advantages DirectX still collect 11 because it is compatible with the earlier version. The question is DirectX 11 really worth the wait, or is it just a marketing hype?

There are two main features of DirectX 11 promised:


Allows developers to create games smoother objects, less blocking and more organic in games. As a feature of the most anticipated, promising natural objects to create, without sacrificing the performance of the game.

From 11 the DirectX is very new, there is still no theories game this time to prove. But unlike the DirectX 10, which has a very long time, it is believed that the DirectX 11 is more quickly tracks the latter advantage of the technology: Dirt 2, Stalker: Call of Pripyat, BattleForge, Alien vs Predator, the Crysis 2, the Battlefield: Bad Company 2, etc.

Stalker: COP presented the first comparison of images between DirectX 11 and DirectX 10th

Earned so the answer to the question or not to update the DirectX 11 graphics card, the answer is: It depends. In my opinion, if you have already Radeon 4800 or NVIDIA GT200 series, you can just keep your current card and wait for DirectX 11 standard for most PC game developers. For more information, the latest games cross-platform and developed with old 9.0c DirectX. Yes ... the popular X360 and PS3 still use DirectX 9 performance.

Moreover, these are Radeon 4000 and NVIDIA GT200 series is still quite strong in all the hottest games to run out there.

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