How to fix the Error "PhysX” with Mafia II?

Mafia II PhysX error by the graphics driver NVidia PhysX caused, not working properly on your system. Fortunately your PC Mafia II rectify mistakes are easily made - and can be applied to the steps outlined on this page.

The PhysX driver is a popular piece of software, such as included in the software game developers, because they can create realistic graphical interfaces than just a standard video driver. This means that if you want to solve problems on your computer, you must be able to fix the various problems that these drivers that can be performed by setting one of the possible problems that have Windows inside could.

How to fix the Mafia II error PhysX:

1) Install the NVIDIA PhysX drivers

The first step is to install the driver of the nVidia PhysX correctly on your computer. This guide can "Add / Remove Programs" applet in Windows and essentially your system can be found to edit the files and the options that need to function. Fortunately, to correct this error, you can very easily be created on your system by reinstalling the application, as follows:

Click Add Start> Control Panel> Add / Remove Programs
Select the driver "NVidia" PhysX
Upload a new version of Internet Driver

2) Repair the database of the computer registry

The registry database is where Windows keeps files and important settings that the system can run. We found that one of the biggest causes of problems for all of your computer's Windows registry system, a large number of errors will have - from being able to prevent important files and settings to access them should be executed. By taking up a reliable tool of the Internet registry cleaning and then let it scan through your computer - you will be able to get rid of the error cause problems for your system, you need to fix the PhysX error always.

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