How to Maximize the Application Console PlayStation 3?

The PlayStation 3 console is the latest generation of the PlayStation series launched by Sony Entertainment. You know, the PlayStation 3 has changed a lot 2. PlayStation 1 and PlayStation compare it to the hard drive with built-in integrated, which allows you to save game data, music files, image files to the hard disk.

It is also the only game console can now act as a Blu-ray disc player on the market. What is a Blu-ray discs? A piece of Blu-ray can store data up to 54 concerts where save a normal double layer DVD disc, only the data up to 9 concerts.

In shorts, more space on Blu-ray disc, can carry six times more data DVD we use now; What can contribute to high definition effects to the video images on the screen.

You can use the PlayStation 3 console in HD movies can be seen

Previously, you need a number of HDTV (plasma or LCD flat screen TV will do just that LCD best for your health, no radiation effects spreading) and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) from your PlayStation 3 in your inch HD TV to connect with these HD effects.

If the TV screen more pixel accumulates, the picture will be clearer and sharper; And most pixel will require more storage space produced as images from Blu-ray Disc much higher quality than the DVD disc, because it has more space to carry more pixel.

HDTV capable, all the small pixels on the TV screen and the screen requires large amounts HDMI cable pixels of your PS3 to transfer to your HDTV give HD-effects. Which model to buy? Of course, bring the highest value to a higher sound quality.

All you need to justify between quality and budget for yourself

  • Apart from the Blu-ray disc player, you can use a model of PlayStation 3 for most of the games PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 game.

  • Console 40GB and 80GB console - You can allow your PlayStation 3 online, but not be able to play most of the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games.

  • Console 60 GB you can play for PS1 and PS2 games and even online games.

It is better to have 60 GB console, if this is your first console PlayStation, it is worth to play a number of good PS1 and PS2 games.

It allows you to play online games and PlayStation. In fact, the main selling point of the PlayStation 3 games online games, which allow you to compete with other hardcore gamers worldwide.

This is a game that will not be bored, because his opponent, converted into intelligent people; And game developers are very happy because you only need to keep server your game and not have to worry the pirated copy of the PS3 games to exist.

Why; If you buy a pirated copy, you can not play the game online

You can also download the trial version of PlayStation 3 games and free play before the game to buy.

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